A little while, and you shall see Me.@John 16:17
Charles H. Gabriel (1856–1932)

Charles H. Cran­dall, 1897.

Charles H. Ga­bri­el (🔊 pdf nwc).

A little while to wait and watch and wonder,
And then to know the spirit’s glad release;
A little while to bear the strife and thunder,
And then to hear the harmonies of peace.


A little while, a little while,
A little while, and we shall go,
To be at home with Christ in Heav’n forever,
With all the saints eternal joys to know.

A little while to climb life’s stormy mountain,
And then to see the vale with beauty rife;
A little waiting by the barren fountain,
And then to taste the living streams of life.


A little while to say, not mine, but Thy way,
And then to wonder we were not more wise;
A little stumbling in the dusty highway,
And then the meadowlands of paradise.