Scripture Verse

Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that He will send forth laborers. Matthew 9:38


Laura E. Newell

Words: Lau­ra E. New­ell, 1898.

Music: Grant C. Tul­lar (🔊 pdf nwc).

Grant C. Tullar


The Lord of the harvest is coming,
We know not the day it will be
When He shall appear to His people,
The hour we His glory shall see.
Oh soul, are you ready to meet Him,
His own can you joyfully yield,
When Jesus shall come in His beauty
To earth, to His great harvest field?


The Lord of the harvest is coming, is coming;
We know not the day and we know not the hour,
When He shall appear in His glory,
His might and His wonderful power.

The Lord of the harvest is coming,
The world shall acknowledge His might
When He shall descend with His angels,
His angels of glory and light.
A message of joy to His faithful,
But where will the faithless be found?
When Jesus shall come to His people
His voice through the world shall resound.


The Lord of the harvest is coming,
Be ready, He bids thee to wait,
For oh, in the clouds we shall see Him,
If early He cometh, or late.
Prepare, nor delay, bid Him welcome,
So soon His dear face thou shalt see,
The Savior is coming so surely,
A message He’ll bring unto thee.