Scripture Verse

Forsake not the law of thy mother. Proverbs 1:8


Words: Charles J. But­ler, 1894–97.

Music: May­otte Charles J. But­ler, 1897 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Charles J. Butler

When a lad, just af­ter the death of my mo­ther, in com­pa­ny with some gay com­pan­ions, I strayed in­to a gild­ed sa­loon; I had on­ly been there a short time when I seemed to see the face of my mo­ther, and the thought came to me, what would she think if she saw me there? I quick­ly re­solved to leave the place, and soon found my way to the house of pray­er, and I sought and found my mo­ther’s God.

Charles Butler


On memory’s wall engraven stands
My mother’s precious face;
Time’s rude and ever busy hands
Naught from it can erase.


My mother’s face, her precious face,
In memory lives today;
Time’s hand some pictures may erase,
Her face ne’er fades away.

The clouds from sorrow’s dreary night
Oft o’er face would drift;
But faith, which shone so clear and bright,
Those sable clouds would lift.


I saw her face in death grow cold,
I saw it laid away;
But yet methinks I still behold,
That same sweet face today.


When in the haunts of sin I strayed,
Lo! mother’s face was there;
That look made gilded pleasures fade,
I sought the house of prayer.


Some day within yon gates of gold,
Thro’ grace my feet shall stand;
There mother’s face I will behold,
Amid the blood washed band.