Scripture Verse

God shall wipe away all tears. Revelation 7:17


James H. Fillmore, Sr.

Words: Ed­en R. Lat­ta, in Grate­ful Praise, ed­it­ed by James Fill­more (Cin­cin­na­ti, Ohio: Fill­more Bro­thers, 1884), num­ber 156.

Music: James H. Fill­more (🔊 pdf nwc).

Eden R. Latta


Where life’s crystal stream doth flow,
And the tree of life doth bloom,
Where no chilling frost can fall,
On flowers that sweetly bloom;
Where the glory of the Lord
Shines thro’ all the cloudless skies,
There, as endless ages roll,
Shall be no more goodbyes.


No more goodbyes, no more goodbyes,
O, blessèd thought! No more goodbyes;
Midst the glory of the Lord,
In that home beyond the skies,
Where the endless ages roll,
Shall be no more goodbyes.

There the good again shall meet,
Who have clasped the parting hand;
Fathers, mothers, children dear,
Around the throne shall stand;
There no tempest e’er shall blow,
There no dismal cloud arise,
And in that eternal home,
Shall be no more goodbyes.


Where no signs of age are seen,
And they never sorrow more,
Where no sickness e’er can come,
Where death has lost his power,
Where they feel no weight of care,
And no tears bedim the eyes;
All the good shall meet again,
And speak no more goodbyes.