Scripture Verse

There was no room for them in the inn. Luke 2:7


George C. Hugg

Words: James E. Hawes, in Chim­ing Voic­es, ed­it­ed by James H. Ro­se­crans & J. T. Toof (New York: Asa Hull, 1893), page 136.

Music: Do­ha George C. Hugg (🔊 pdf nwc).

James E. Hawes


A holy guest from Heaven’s gate
One morn in days now olden,
Came down to earth in lowly state
Amid the starlight golden;
Angelic messengers of peace
Sang praise and welcome holy
Unto the Prince who brought release
To mighty and to lowly.


No room for Jesus in the inn,
The King of earth and Heaven;
Today He knocketh at thy heart,
What answer shall be given?

Yet while He came with blessing sweet,
With love and mercy’s story,
No kingly courtiers thought it meet
To show Him earthly glory;
No room was found within the inn,
No welcome for this stranger;
The Christ, who suffered for our sin,
Was cradled in a manger.


The message of this Holy One
Still through the world is ringing;
From eastern land to setting sun
The earth His praise is singing;
Oh, troubled heart, this message hear,
Oh, list the wondrous story;
The Babe, once born in Bethlehem,
Is now the King of glory.


Come, lay thy burdens at His feet,
Come, trust Him in thy sorrow;
Come, while the Master bids thee come,
Delay not till the morrow;
Within thy heart, oh, give Him room,
Prepare for His abiding;
Sweet peace and comfort thou shalt know
In Christ while safely hiding.