Scripture Verse

In His love and in His pity He redeemed them. Isaiah 63:9


Ignaz J. Pleyel (1757–1831)

Words: at­trib­ut­ed va­ri­ous­ly to Mar­tin Ma­dan, 1763, and John Lang­ford.

Music: Pley­el’s Hymn Ig­naz J. Pley­el, 1791 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Alternate Tunes:

Martin Madan (1725–1790)


Now begin the heav’n­ly theme,
Sing aloud in Je­sus’ name;
Ye, who His sal­va­tion prove,
Triumph in re­deem­ing love.

Ye, who see the Fa­ther’s grace
Beaming in the Sav­ior’s face,
As to Ca­naan on ye move,
Praise and bless re­deem­ing love.

Mourning souls, dry up your tears,
Banish all your guil­ty fears,
See your guilt and curse re­move,
Canceled by re­deem­ing love.

Ye, alas! who long have been
Willing slaves to death and sin,
Now from bliss no long­er rove,
Stop and taste re­deem­ing love.

Welcome all by sin op­pressed,
Welcome to His sacr­ed rest;
Nothing brought Him from above,
Nothing but re­deem­ing love.

When His Spir­it leads us home,
When we to His glo­ry come,
We shall all the full­ness prove,
Of our Lord’s re­deem­ing love.

Hither then your mu­sic bring,
Strike aloud each cheer­ful string;
Mortals join the host above,
Join to praise redeem­ing love.