Scripture Verse

The Lord will receive my prayer. Psalm 6:9


Ephraim of Edessa

Words: Eph­ra­im of Edes­sa (307–373) (Qab­bel, Mâr­an, bâ’ûth kul­lan). Trans­lat­ed from Syr­i­ac to Eng­lish by Fran­cis C. Bur­kitt in The Eng­lish Hym­nal (Lon­don: Ox­ford Uni­ver­si­ty Press, 1906), num­ber 194.

Music: St. Am­brose (Feil­lée), in Mé­thode du plain-chant, by Fran­çois de la Feil­lée, 1782 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Francis C. Burkitt
National Portrait Gallery



Receive, O Lord, in Heaven above
Our prayers and supplications pure;
Give us a heart all full of love
And steady courage to endure.

Thy holy name our mouths confess,
Our tongues are harps to praise Thy grace;
Forgive our sins and wickedness,
Who in this vigil seek Thy face.

Let not our song become a sigh,
A wail of anguish and despair;
In lovingkindness, Lord most high,
Receive tonight our evening prayer.

O raise us in that day, that we
May sing, where all Thy saints adore,
Praise to Thy Father, and to Thee,
And to Thy Spirit, evermore.