Scripture Verse

As a bird that wandereth from her nest, so is a man that wandereth from his place. Proverbs 27:8


Thomas Hastings (1784–1872)

Words: Tho­mas Hast­ings, 1831.

Music: Re­turn (Monk) Will­iam H. Monk, in the Scot­tish Hym­nal, 1871 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Alternate Tune:

William H. Monk (1823–1889)


Return, O wanderer, to thy home,
Thy Fa­ther calls for thee;
No longer now an exile roam,
In guilt and misery:
Return, return!

Too long the loathsome fields of sin
Thy fruitless toil have known:
No wholesome bread! no voice of kin!
No home to call thine own!
Return, return!

Thy Fa­ther stands with outstretched hands,
He gave His Son for thee:
Poor soul, from sin’s enthralling bands
He longs to see thee free.
Return, return!

Arise, stand up and homeward turn,
No longer dwell apart;
His mighty love will ne­ver spurn
One humble contrite heart.
Return, return!

Our Fa­ther’s house is full of bliss,
And there is room for all;
He welcomes with forgiving kiss:
O, hear His loving call!
Return, return!

The feast of joys awaits thee there,
The precious robe and ring;
O haste Thy Fa­ther’s gifts to share,
O haste His praise to sing:
Return, return!