Scripture Verse

What manner of man is this, that even the wind and the sea obey Him? Mark 4:41


Henry L. Gilmour

Words & Mu­sic: Hen­ry L. Gil­mour, 1907 (🔊 pdf nwc).


O ship­wrecked soul, far out on sin’s dark wave,
With no help near, no life­line thrown to save;
No boat to launch, no crew with cour­age brave;
Thy only help is Je­sus.


Jesus has con­quered the storm tossed sea,
Walked the wild bil­lows of Ga­li­lee;
He is the Sav­ior for thee, and me:
Jesus, only Jesus.

O shipw­recked soul, no wave can drown the voice
Of Him who speaks to make thy soul re­joice;
’Midst tem­pest swirl, make Je­sus now thy choice;
Thy on­ly help is Je­sus.


O shipwrecked soul, He waits with pi­ty­ing eye
Beholding thee; He’ll hear thy help­less cry;
O ven­ture now, trust ful­ly, He is nigh;
Thy on­ly help is Je­sus.


Shipwrecked, not lost be­neath the crest­ed wave;
For Christ was near; that Ga­li­le­an brave,
Who holds a scep­ter in His hand, will save;
Thy on­ly help is Je­sus.