Scripture Verse

I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with Mine eye. Psalm 32:8


Josiah Carley

Words: Jo­si­ah Car­ley, 2012.

Music: Step by Step Jo­si­ah Carley, 2012 (🔊 pdf nwc).

I was im­pro­vis­ing at the pi­a­no when a plea­sant tune came forth from my fin­gers. Though at first I did not in­tend to write it down, I felt an im­press­ion that I should re­cord the tune; and so I did. A few weeks lat­er, while con­tem­plat­ing the Lord’s guid­ance in the lives of all those who sur­ren­der to His leadi­ng, I was in­spired with the words to the song.

Josiah Carley


Step by step, our Father leads us upward,
Ever higher, to our home above;
Step by step, forever going onward,
In His hand, and trusting in His love.
Though oft our hearts may ache with silent longing
Which only He our Lord may know,
One day we’ll understand the joy and blessing
Which came from serving Him below.

Step by step, our characters are molded
By our Savior’s loving, tender hands,
Step by step, as ev’ry day unfolded,
Brings us nearer right to where He stands.
For through our deepest trials He is faithful;
His love our emptiness will fill.
And thus our Lord will make us to be joyful,
Through faith and trust within Him still.

Step by step, He leads through sunny weather,
In His arms, the storms we have withstood;
And we know that all things work together,
By His care, for all our highest good.
For though we may not understand His workings,
Or grasp the wisdom of His plans,
One day we’ll see the beauty of His doings,
And know the love of His commands.

Step by step, with each one drawing nearer
To our everlasting home on high;
Step by step, with each one He is dearer;
For our sins, for us, He bled and died.
Not long will pass before our journey’s ended,
And this old life will be no more;
For He who by all Heaven is attended,
Shall lead us all to Canaan’s shore.