Scripture Verse

A better country, that is, a heavenly. Hebrews 11:16


Words: Ves­ter Smith, in Sweet Har­mo­nies, ed­it­ed by C. M. Barnes (Eu­re­ka Springs, Ar­kan­sas: C. M. Barnes, 1896), num­ber 32.

Music: C. M. Barnes (🔊 pdf nwc).

If you know Barnes’ full name, or where to get pho­to of him or Smith,


There’s a land far away
Where the long summer day,
Ever clothed with a splendor so fair,
’Tis a mansion of rest
For the good and the blest,
And we’ll meet all the loved over there.


Over there, over there,
We shall meet with the pure and the fair;
Over there, over there,
We shall meet in that home over there.

In that land of the blest
With its glories confessed,
We shall rest with our Savior above;
In that bright sunny clime
As the stars we shall shine,
Crowned with glory like angels of love.


Oh! that land fair and bright,
’Tis a home of delight,
’Tis a home where we’ll rest evermore;
With a robe and a crown
In that home of renown
We shall sing with the loved gone before.