Scripture Verse

Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13


Wolfgang A. Mozart (1756–1791)

Words: Ida W. Ben­ham, in The Sun­day School Hym­nal, ed­it­ed by Charles L. Hutch­ins (Buf­fa­lo, New York: Breed, Lent, 1871), num­ber 118.

Music: The Di­vine Friend Wolf­gang A. Moz­art (1756–1791) (🔊 pdf nwc).

Alternate Tunes:

Ida W. Benham (1849–1903)


There’s no other friend like Je­sus,
None so faithful, none so true;
Though the waves break wildly o’er us,
He will guide us safely through;
Storms and tempests shrink before Him,
He can calm them at His will:
Jesus, calm our stormy passions
With Thy wondrous Peace, be still.

There’s no other friend like Je­sus,
He who died our souls to save;
He who dwelt on earth in meekness;
Healed, and pitied, and forgave.
Still He pities, still He loves us,
In His holy, happy home,
And with voice of gracious mercy,
Bids the wandering sinner, come.

There’s no other friend like Je­sus,
Holy angels, chant the song;
Sing His love and wondrous mercy;
Children, join the heav’nly throng.
Raise the joyful, happy chorus,
Thank Him for His loving grace,
Let it be your happy portion
To pro­claim the Sav­ior’s praise.