Scripture Verse

Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and He shall strengthen thine heart. Psalm 27:14


Words: R. M. McKin­ney, in Gos­pel Ech­oes, ed­it­ed by Ro­bert G. Sta­ples (Os­ka­loo­sa, Io­wa: Cen­tral Book Con­cern, 1877), pag­es 46–47.

Music: R. B. Ma­haf­fey (🔊 pdf nwc).

If you know Mc­Kin­ney or Ma­haf­fey’s full name, or where to get their pho­tos, would you ?


There’s a friend in every sorrow,
There’s a balm for every woe;
There’s a bliss for each tomorrow,
Trust in Jesus as you go;
He who walking on the water,
E’en on Galilee’s dark wave,
At the call of doubting Peter,
Stretched His mighty arm to save.


Jesus, Jesus,
A friend that is faithful and true;
Jesus, Jesus,
He suffered for me and for you.

Fainting multitudes have blessed Him,
For He turned their grief to joy;
Filthy lepers cleansed in mercy,
Raised to life the widow’s boy;
Praying on the lonely mountain,
More than this He did for me.
Shed His blood to buy my ransom,
Dying on the cursèd tree.


When we cross the rolling billows,
Jordan’s river, swelling high,
Who will crown us heirs of glory,
In the land beyond the sky?
When we reach the heav’nly city,
Who will take us by the hand?
Who will give the welcome plaudit,
In the blessèd glory land?