Scripture Verse

Hide me under the shadow of Thy wings. Psalm 17:8


Henry F. Lyte (1793–1847)

Words: Hen­ry F. Lyte, Spi­rit of the Psalms 1834.

Music: Green Hill (Peace) Al­bert L. Peace, 1885 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Albert L. Peace (1844–1912)


There is a safe and secret place,
Beneath the wings divine,
Reserved for all the heirs of grace;
O be that refuge mine!

The least and feeblest there may bide,
Uninjured and unawed;
While thousands fall on every side,
He rests secure in God.

The angels watch him on his way,
And aid with friendly arm;
And Satan roaring for his prey
May hate, but cannot harm.

He feeds in pastures, large and fair,
Of love and truth divine,
O child of God, O glo­ry’s heir,
How rich a lot is thine!

A hand al­migh­ty to defend,
An ear for every call,
An honored life, a peaceful end,
And Heav’n to crown it all!