Scripture Verse

…a better country. Hebrews 11:16


Peter P. Bilhorn (1865–1936)

Words: George W. Crofts, 1891.

Music: As­cot Pe­ter P. Bil­horn (🔊 pdf nwc).

George W. Crofts (1842–1909)


The fol­low­ing in­ci­dent, ab­bre­vi­at­ed, which is oft­en told by an ev­an­gel­ist, sug­gest­ed the hymn.

An aged la­dy, once liv­ing in the up­per sto­ry of an old build­ing, was vis­it­ed one day by a la­dy mis­sion­ary, hav­ing in her com­pa­ny a well dressed wo­man. As they were as­cend­ing the first flight of stairs, the weal­thy per­son re­marked, Oh, my! how dark and drea­ry it is here!

Never mind, an­swered the oth­er. ’Tis bet­ter high­er up. When they had reached and en­tered the top room, she again re­marked to the sick saint (whose life was eb­bing away), How can you live up here, and be con­tent­ed in this dark, drea­ry, lone­some place? The dy­ing saint, point­ing hea­ven­ward, with a smile, said, ’Tis bet­ter high­er up.

Crowning Glo­ry No. 2 (Chicago, Il­li­nois: P. Bil­horn), num­ber 207


This world is full of care,
And bit­ter is life’s cup;
The cross is some­times hard to bear,
’Tis bet­ter high­er up.


’Tis bet­ter high­er up,
’Tis bet­ter higher up,
Where all is light, and peace, and joy,
’Tis bet­ter high­er up.

I’ve seen my hopes de­cay
Like blos­soms in the spring;
My dear­est friends have passed away,
Earth’s trea­sures taken wing.


The storms of death have blown,
But Christ, my bless­èd hope,
His ten­der love to me hath shown,
’Tis bet­ter high­er up.


My flesh must fail, I know,
And yet I can not grieve;
The Spir­it tells me I must go
With Christ my Lord to live.


And in my home above
On joy di­vine I’ll sup,
And rest in God’s eter­nal love;
’Tis bet­ter high­er up.