Scripture Verse

He faileth not. Zephaniah 3:5


Words: Fran­ces R. Ha­ver­gal, Loy­al Re­spons­es; or, Dai­ly Me­lo­dies for the King’s Min­strels (Lon­don: James Nis­bet, 1878), pag­es 18–20, alt.

Music: Ay­dın, an­on­y­mous (🔊 pdf nwc).

Frances R. Havergal


He who hath led, will lead
All through the wilderness;
He who hath fed, will surely feed;
He who hath blessed, will bless;
He who hath heard thy cry
Will never close His ear;
He who hath marked thy faintest sigh
Will not forget thy tear.

He who hath made thee whole
Will heal thee day by day;
He who hath spoken to thy soul
Hath many things to say;
He who hath greatly taught
Yet more will make thee know;
He who so wondrously hath wrought
Yet greater things will show.

He who hath made thee nigh
Will draw thee nearer still;
He who hath giv’n the first supply
Will satisfy and fill;
He who hath giv’n thee grace
Yet more and more will send;
He who hath set thee in the race
Will speed thee to the end.

He who hath won thy heart
Will keep it true and free;
He who hath shown thee what thou art
Will show Himself to thee;
He who hath bid thee live,
And made thy life His own,
Life more abundantly will give,
And keep it His alone.

Then trust Him for today,
As thine unfailing friend,
And let Him lead thee all the way,
Who loveth to the end.
And let the morrow rest
In His belovèd hand;
His good is better than our best,
As we shall understand.