Scripture Verse

The Father…the Son and…the Holy Spirit. Matthew 28:20


Neil Barham (1962–)

Words: Neil Bar­ham, 2005.

Music: Ein feste Burg Mar­tin Lu­ther, 1529 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Martin Luther (1483–1546)


We bless the Tri­une God of Might,
Our So­ve­reign and our Sav­ior,
Who puts our ene­mies to flight,
And guards us with His fa­vor!
Our song goes up to Him,
Above the se­ra­phim,
Where awe­struck an­gels gaze
At Him, An­cient of Days,
On high He reigns, ex­alt­ed.

Majestic Fa­ther, ever su­preme,
Alone in light and glo­ry,
At Your com­mand the hea­vens gleam
And sing cre­ation’s sto­ry.
The wind and waves ob­ey
When Your Word bids them stay;
All na­ture shows Your face
Revealed in ev­ery place,
To ev­ery heart and mind of man.

Jesus, the Christ, An­oint­ed One,
Firstborn of all cre­ation,
In hu­man flesh, yet God the Son,
The Cap­tain of sal­va­tion!
My right­eous­ness You are!
’Tis writ­ten in the scars
That beau­ti­fy Your face,
Proclaiming ho­ly grace.
In You all truth and love abide.

Great Spi­rit of the liv­ing Lord,
Our com­fort­er and faith­ful guide—
You bring to us God’s out-breathed Word,
Suffusing it with in­cre­ate light.
Convict us of our sin!
Renew our hearts with­in!
Restore sal­va­tion’s joy!
Our hearts and minds em­ploy
In lives that flame with God-en­dued fire!

Robed in pure light that knew no dawn,
Three Per­sons, yet One Es­sence,
Avenging sin with right­eous sword drawn,
Yet mer­cy fills Your pre­sence!
Your wrath is great, and just;
But in Your grace we trust!
Your lov­ing­kind­ness sure
Will hold our souls se­cure,
’Til we be­hold Your face at last!