Scripture Verse

Come, let us bow down in worship. Psalm 95:6


Samuel F. Smith

Words: Sam­uel F. Smith, 1834.

Music: Aquil­la Nic­co­lò A. Zin­ga­rel­li (1752–1837) (🔊 pdf nwc).

Niccolò A. Zingarelli

This hymn…was doubt­less pre­pared for some oc­ca­sion of pro­tract­ed ser­vice, some ga­ther­ing of a large body of peo­ple. It was the cus­tom…to in­tro­duce the au­tumn and win­ter work with a con­tin­u­ous as­sem­blage of church mem­bers.

It was be­lieved that unit­ed pray­er would stim­u­late the grac­es of true be­liev­ers, and fer­vid ex­hor­tations would arouse the lag­gard ones to fresh du­ty. And it was al­ways un­der­stood that, when the saints came back to faith­ful ac­ti­vi­ty, the Ho­ly Spir­it would sure­ly an­swer with en­er­gy in the con­ver­sion of souls.

No doubt, writes good Will­iam Gur­nall, the fa­mous di­vine of the sev­en­teenth cen­tu­ry; no doubt the pray­ers which the faith­ful put up to heav­en from un­der their pri­vate roofs are ve­ry ac­cep­ta­ble to God; but if a saint’s sin­gle voice in pray­er be so sweet to his ear, much more the church choir, his saints’ pray­ers in con­cert to­ge­ther. A fa­ther is glad to see any one of his child­ren, and makes him we­lcome when he vis­its him; but much more when they come to­ge­ther; the great­est feast when they all meet at his house.

Robinson, p. 35


Welcome, days of solemn meeting!
Welcome, days of praise and prayer!
Far from earthly scenes retreating,
In your blessings we would share.

Be Thou near us, blessèd Savior,
Still at morn and eve the same;
Give us faith that can not waver;
Kindle in us Heaven’s own flame.

When the fervent prayer is glowing,
Holy Spirit, hear that prayer;
When the song of praise is flowing,
Let that song Thine impress bear.