A leader and commander to the people.@Isaiah 55:4
Bentley D. Ackley (1872–1958)

Lizzie DeArmond & Charles H. Gabriel, 1913. Some hymnals show the co-author as Jennie Ree, one of Gabriel’s pseudonyms.

Bentley D. Ackley (🔊 pdf nwc).

Lizzie DeArmond (1847–1936)

On where the cross is leading,
Under the glorious banner go;
Marching in phalanx brave and strong,
We fear not to meet the foe.


On, on, united in His love!
On, on, to joy and peace above;
Marching together, loyal forever,
Jesus is leading—on for the King!

Closer around us thronging
Gather the mighty hosts of sin;
Yet, while our great commander leads,
We’ll fight, and the triumph win.


On where the cross is leading!
Fear not, tho’ marching days be long;
Ours is the battle, His the triumph,
Ours be the victor’s song.