De­cember 24, 1885, Waynes­ville, Mis­sou­ri.

Jan­u­ary 25, 1941, Si­lo­am Springs, Ar­kan­sas.

Oak Hill Ce­me­te­ry, Si­lo­am Springs, Ar­kan­sas.


Bartlett was the son of Hi­ram Fra­ser Bart­lett and Ma­ry Eliz­a­beth At­well, hus­band of Joan Ta­tum, and fa­ther of Eu­gene M. Bart­lett, Jr.

He at­tend­ed the Hall-Moo­dy In­sti­tute, Mar­tin, Ten­nes­see, and Will­iam Jew­ell College, Lib­er­ty, Mis­sou­ri. He taught sing­ing schools through­out the Am­er­ican south, found­ed the Hartf­ord Mu­sic Com­pa­ny in Hart­ford, Ar­kan­sas, and ed­it­ed the mu­sic mag­a­zine Her­ald of Song.

  1. After Death—What Then?
  2. Camping in Ca­naan’s Land
  3. Everybody Will Be Hap­py Over There
  4. He Will Re­mem­ber Me
  5. I Heard My Mo­ther Call My Name in Pray­er
  6. If Men Go to Hell, Who Cares?
  7. I’m So Tired I Want to Get Home
  8. Jesus Opened Up the Way
  9. Just a Lit­tle While
  10. Victory in Je­sus

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