Early 20th Century




Black was Ef­fie’s mar­ried name.



What if My Lord Should Come Tonight?

I questioned with my heart last eve,
When all were gay and light,
The guests were clad in richest garb,
With jewels sparkling bright;
Sweet flowers were there—the music swelled—
Mingling with their perfume;
But still my heart asked o’er and o’er,
What if my Lord should come?

What if my Lord should come to-night,
A carpenter lone and poor?
Would He find a welcome here,
If He sought my door?

I know my Lord shall come again;
If it be soon or late,
I can not tell: but this I know.
He bids me watch and wait.
O they who would His glory view.
And would His chosen be.
Must live the life that once He lived
Of sweet humility.

Effie S. Black
Heart-Whispers, 1900


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