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Oc­to­ber 17, 1792, Heav­i­tree, Ex­e­ter, Dev­on, Eng­land.

No­vem­ber 23, 1872, Ex­e­ter, Dev­on Eng­land.

Higher Ce­me­te­ry, Ex­e­ter, Dev­on, Eng­land. On his tomb­stone were the words from his hymn: In the Cross of Christ I Glo­ry.

Bowring was the hus­band of Deb­or­ah Cas­tle.

An ac­comp­lished lin­guist, he mas­tered five lang­uages by age 16 with­out a teacher. It has been said he was event­u­al­ly flu­ent in over 20 lang­uag­es and could speak 80 more; he was known for his trans­la­tions of Dutch po­et­ry. At age 33, he became ed­it­or of the West­min­ster Review.

Bowring was also one of the pre­em­i­nent Bri­tish states­men of his day: Com­mis­sion­er to France, Con­sul at Can­ton (Guang­zhou), Min­is­ter Plen­i­po­ten­ti­a­ry to Chi­na, Gov­er­nor of Hong Kong, and twice a mem­ber of Par­lia­ment. Queen Vic­tor­ia knight­ed him in 1854.

Bowring’s works in­clude:

  1. All Embracing Mind That Planned, The
  2. All Have Joys That Throw Their Brightness
  3. Are We Not from God Descended?
  4. As Gentle Children Fondly Press
  5. As, When the Deluge Waves Were Gone
  6. Bee Hath Its Domestic Cell, The
  7. Blessèd, Blessèd Are the Dead
  8. Clay to Clay, and Dust to Dust
  9. Cloud, the Whirlwind, and the Wrath, The
  10. Come the Rich, and Come the Poor
  11. Come, Ye Blessèd of My Father
  12. Days of Mortal Man, The
  13. Drop the Limpid Waters Now
  14. Earth’s Transitory Things Decay
  15. Extinguished Now is the Last, Lone Star
  16. Father and Friend!
  17. Father, Glorify Thy Name
  18. Father of Spirits, Humbly Bent Before Thee
  19. From All Evil, All Temptation
  20. From the Recesses of a Lowly Spirit
  21. Gather Up, O Earth, Thy Dead
  22. Gently the Shades of Night Descend
  23. Give unto the Lord, Ye Mighty!
  24. God Is Love! His Mercy Brightens
  25. He Builds His House upon the Sand
  26. He Lives! He Lives!
  27. He Was There Alone, When Even
  28. He Who Walks in Virtue’s Way
  29. Heavenly Spheres to Thee, O God, The
  30. How Bright Are the Stars of the Dawn!
  31. How Dark, How Desolate
  32. How He Wept as He Approached the Place
  33. How Shall We Praise Thee, Lord of Light?
  34. How Sweetly Flowed the Gospel’s Sound
  35. How Wide, How Wondrous Is the World!
  36. Hymn of Praise, the Breath of Prayer, The
  37. If All Our Hopes and All Our Fears
  38. If Listening, as I Listen Still
  39. In the Cross of Christ I Glory
  40. In the Dust I’m Doomed to Sleep
  41. In Thy Courts Let Peace Be Found
  42. Jesus Lives, and We in Him
  43. Labors of the Day Are Done, The
  44. Lead Us with Thy Gentle Way
  45. Let Those Who Doubt the Heavenly Source
  46. Let Thy Gracious Spirit Reach Us
  47. Long Had the Darkness of Ages Surrounded
  48. Lord! In Heaven, Thy Dwelling Place
  49. Lord! In the Unbeginning Years
  50. Lord, Where Thy Radiant Beams Are Shed
  51. Man Is Not Left Untold, Untaught
  52. Mighty Is the Power That Gives
  53. Mysterious Are the Ways of God
  54. Not with Terror Do We Meet
  55. O Let My Trembling Soul Be Still
  56. O Sweet It Is to Feel and Know
  57. Offerings to Thy Throne Which Rise, The
  58. Oft When the Gathering Clouds of Woe
  59. Oh, How Wise That God Hath Hidden
  60. Oh, Let My Trembling Soul Be Still
  61. Oh, Sweet and Sacred Is the Rest
  62. Oh! Sweet It Is to Know, to Feel
  63. Oh, What a Cloud of Anxious Thought
  64. Oh, What a Struggle Wakes Within
  65. On Light Beams Breaking from Above
  66. On! On! Our Moments Hurry By
  67. On the Dust I’m Doomed to Sleep
  68. Our Times Are in Thy Hand
  69. Rejoice, Rejoice, This Glorious Earth
  70. Round Us, o’er Us, Is There Aught
  71. Scattered o’er Various Fields by Heaven
  72. Some Spot There Is, Some Cherished Spot
  73. Stillness Reigns
  74. Sweet Are the Joys of Home
  75. Ten Thousand Blessings Are My Lot
  76. There Is No Spot, or High or Low
  77. There’s No Retreat from Sin
  78. They Are Not Gone, Whom Death’s Dark Shroud
  79. Though the Stream of Being Floweth
  80. Thousand, Thousand Changing Things, A
  81. Thy Will Be Done, in Devious Way
  82. Thy Word Is Truth
  83. ’Tis Not the Gift, but ’Tis the Spirit
  84. To Each, to All, by Love Divine
  85. Unnumbered Systems, Suns and Worlds
  86. Upon the Gospel’s Sacred Page
  87. Wake, Slumberer, Wake!
  88. Watchman, Tell Us of the Night
  89. When Before Thy Throne We Kneel
  90. When Pure Devotion Lifts the Soul
  91. When, Wakened by Thy Voice of Power
  92. Where Is Thy Sting, O Death?
  93. Who Hath o’er the Ocean Been
  94. Who Shall Roll Away the Stone?
  95. With Heavy Heart the Savior Turned