No­vem­ber 3, 1794, Cum­ming­ton, Mas­sa­chu­setts.

June 12, 1878, Long Island, New York. Bry­ant died from a fall af­ter giv­ing a speech in Cen­tral Park, New York Ci­ty.

Ros­lyn Ce­me­te­ry, Green­vale, New York.


A well known Am­er­i­can po­et, Bry­ant at­tend­ed Will­iams Col­lege, and stu­died law. He found­ed the New York Re­view and ed­it­ed the New York Ev­en­ing Post.

His most fa­mous po­em is prob­ab­ly Than­a­top­sis, but he al­so wrote a num­ber of hymns. In 1869, Hymns by W. C. Bry­ant was pri­vate­ly print­ed.

  1. All Praise to Him of Na­zareth
  2. All That in This Wide World We See
  3. All Things That Are on Earth
  4. Almighty, List­en While We Raise
  5. As Sha­dows Cast by Cloud and Sun
  6. Close Soft­ly, Fond­ly, While Ye Weep
  7. Dear Ties of Mu­tu­al Suc­cor Bind
  8. Deem Not That They Are Blest Alone
  9. Father! To Thy Kind Love We Owe
  10. How Shall I Know Thee in the Sphere Which Keeps
  11. Look from Thy Sphere of End­less Day
  12. Lord, Who Or­dain­est for Man­kind
  13. Mighty One, Be­fore Whose Face
  14. Not in the So­li­tude
  15. O God, Whose Dread and Daz­zling Brow
  16. O North with All Thy Vales of Green
  17. O Thou Whose Love Can Ne’er For­get
  18. Standing Forth in Life’s Rough Way
  19. Thou Un­re­lent­ing Past
  20. Thou, Whose Un­mea­sured Tem­ple Stands
  21. When Doomed by Death the Ap­os­tle Lay
  22. When He Who from the Scourge of Wrong
  23. When the Blind Sup­pli­ant in the Way
  24. When This Song of Praise Shall Cease
  25. Whither, Midst Fall­ing Dew
  26. Wild Was the Day, the Win­try Sea