June 17, 1834, Brooklyn, New York.

December 8, 1900, Brooklyn, New York, of suicide.

Lowell Cemetery, Lowell, Massachusetts.

Uzziah was the son of Uz­ziah Ci­ce­ro Bur­nap, and husband of Har­ri­et W. Moore.

He ran a dry goods business in Brook­lyn, though he graduated from the University of Par­is with a music degree, and for 37 years played the organ at the Reformed Church in Brook­lyn Heights. He was a prolific composer, and helped edit the following:

  1. Amesbury
  2. Blumen
  3. Boston
  4. Burleith
  5. Cantus
  6. Cara
  7. Cochran
  8. Dewitt
  9. Ephratah
  10. Hinchman
  11. Holy Guide
  12. Inasmuch
  13. Jakarta
  14. New Year’s Day
  15. Serenity
  16. Tennent