1. Along the Banks of the Deep Red Sea
  2. Be Still
  3. Beatitudes, The
  4. Come, Cel­e­brate the Pre­sence of the Lord
  5. Come, Spir­it Come
  6. Each Man and Wo­man Raise Your Voice
  7. Glory Be to God, Cre­at­or
  8. Heavenly Fa­ther
  9. How Good It Is to Know the Lord
  10. I Want to Be Like Je­sus
  11. In the Break­ing of Bread
  12. Journey Like No Oth­er, A
  13. Lord Je­sus, Fill My Days
  14. Shine on Me
  15. Trust in the Lord with All Your Heart
  16. Where Jus­tice Rolls Down
  1. As the East Is from the West
  2. Let the Words of the Lord
  3. Someday Soon
  4. Spirit, Spir­it of Gen­tle­ness