Mrs. A. L. Davison

1851, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

March 10, 1887, Chi­ca­go, Il­li­nois.

Park Ce­me­te­ry, Carthage, Missouri.

Fannie’s father was killed when she was 10 years old; after her mother’s remarriage to hotelier Henry Warner, the family moved to Carthage, Missouri. Fannie married court reporter Asa Lee Davison and they moved to Chicago, Illinois, then Madison, Wisconsin. Several of her songs appeared in publications from the Fillmore Brothers of Cin­cin­na­ti, Ohio, including Songs of Gratitude (1877), Joy and Gladness (1880) and The Voice of Joy (1882).

  1. All Golden and Ripe Is the Harvest
  2. All the Beauties of the Earth
  3. Behold the Lilies of the Field
  4. Beneath the Stars in Slumber Deep
  5. Beyond the Silent Vale
  6. Cease Your Waiting, Stand Not Idle
  7. Close By My Side, O Tender Love
  8. Coming with Happy Voices
  9. Day by Day, My Lord and Savior
  10. Fair and Bright the Morning
  11. Gladly Sing, Gladly
  12. Go Early to Thy Labor Field
  13. Go Forth and Sow the Seeds
  14. God, Who the Universe Doth Hold
  15. Golden Glory Wraps Thee, A
  16. Guard Your Lips with Thought Unceasing
  17. Hail, Dear Friends and Schoolmates
  18. Happen to You What There Will
  19. Happy Is the Man That Giveth
  20. Have You Heard the Wondrous Song?
  21. He Beareth the Lambs in His Bosom
  22. Hearken, Hearken, Every Nation
  23. High o’er the Hills of Duty
  24. How Beautiful Thy Work
  25. How Blessed Are the Pure in Heart
  26. How Blessed Is the Day of Rest
  27. How Fair Are the Walls of That City of Light
  28. How Much My Lord Has Done for Me
  29. I Bring My Heart, O Lord, to Thee
  30. I Heard a Joyful Cry
  31. I Know Not Where the Pathway Lies
  32. In the Darkness of the Midnight
  33. Jesus Always Loved the Children
  34. Jesus Loves the Children
  35. Last Words, The
  36. Lay Thou Not Up Thy Treasure
  37. Lo the Savior Invites Thee Today
  38. Lord, I Believe Thy Word
  39. Lord Is Risen, The
  40. Love of Christ Constraineth Us, The
  41. My Savior, Thou Who Once on Earth
  42. Narrow Is the Way
  43. Near, So Near I See the Golden
  44. Not Yet Thy Rest Time
  45. O Birdie, Singing On the Bough
  46. O Dark Is the Wearisome
  47. O Hark, and Hear the Song
  48. O Hark, to the Sound of Strife
  49. O Man of Sorrows
  50. O Savior, Loving, Holy
  51. O Savior, Most Holy
  52. O What Can I Do for My Lord?
  53. O What Kind of Seed Are We Sowing?
  54. O’er Heavenly Plains the Golden Chimes
  55. O’er Judah’s Hills a Star Arose
  56. On the Holy Hill of Zion
  57. Onward, Onward, Onward
  58. Out in the Desert Ways
  59. Out Through All Our Great Columbia
  60. Pilgrim with Thine Eyes Uplifted
  61. Purer in Heart, O God
  62. Save My Soul Which Thou Didst Cherish
  63. Sing, Gladly, Sweetly Sing
  64. Snow White Hands Are Clasped
  65. Some Day, Some Day, I Know Not When
  66. Sometimes Softly
  67. Somewhere Beyond the Vision
  68. Somewhere, I Know
  69. Soul’s Sweet Home, The
  70. Speak with Kindness, Loving Tender
  71. Such a Little Thing We Thought It
  72. Sun Is On the Harvest Field, The
  73. There Is a Hope Whose Glory
  74. There Is Light from Heaven’s Portals
  75. Thou Who Comfortless Have Wept
  76. Thou Who Watchest Wearily
  77. Through the Years of the Earth
  78. Two Angels Watch Beside Me
  79. Upon the Great Highway Thou Standest Weary
  80. Watchman On the Mountain Standing
  81. We Are Journeying On
  82. We Are Journeying to Heaven
  83. We Are Waiting, Watching
  84. We Need Not Walk in Darkness
  85. What Can I Do for Thee?
  86. What Wilt Thou Bid Us to Do?
  87. When Doubt and Fear Arise
  88. When o’er Thy Path Have the Dark Clouds
  89. When the Silence and Shadow
  90. When Winter Snow Falls Fast
  91. Whence Comes This Countless Host?
  92. Where’er Our Path May Lead
  93. Within His Gates What Blessing
  94. World’s a Field of Battle, The
  95. Would I Were Like Him