March 23, 1840, York County, Pennsylvania.

September 3, 1920, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.

Harrisburg Cemetery, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Henry was the son of William Henry Hartzler and Anna Virgina Hurst, and husband of Sarah A. Zeller. A United Evangelical minister, he was living in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, in 1900, & in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, in 1910 & 1920. His works include:

  1. Angels Open the Golden Gates
  2. At the Feet of Jesus Lying
  3. Away from God No Peace Is Found
  4. Before Thy Face, My God, I Fall
  5. Come and Help Us, Friends of Jesus
  6. Come Enter by This Open Door
  7. Come Holy Ghost, My Spirit Fill
  8. Dear Lord, Once More the Note of Praise
  9. Go Thou Thy Way, This Is No Time
  10. Gracious Lord, to Thee We Raise
  11. He Knows Best
  12. In the Rock of Ages Hiding, I Have Found
  13. In the Wilds of Sin a Weary Soul
  14. I Know I Love My Savior Now
  15. I Know That My Redeemer Lives
  16. I Love to Sing of Jesus
  17. I Turn with Joy from Self
  18. I Was Lost in Woe and Blindness
  19. I Will Live for My Redeemer
  20. Jesus, Thou Victor o’er the Grave
  21. Lay Your Treasures Higher, Safer
  22. Lead Me, O My Father, Lead Me
  23. Like a Star of the Morning
  24. Long Long Ago on Judah’s Plain
  25. Master Calleth from the Sky, The
  26. More Life from Thee, O Christ, for Me
  27. My Father, I Have Loved Thy Truth
  28. My Heart Shall Be a Temple
  29. Never Can the Word Be Broken
  30. Once More, O Lord, Assembling
  31. Over a Dismal Waste of Years
  32. Over the Selfish Dreams of Men
  33. O God, the Battle Is Too Strong for Us
  34. O Holy Ghost, I Welcome Thee
  35. Open the Windows of Heaven
  36. Praise Ye the Lord for the Glory of His Grace
  37. Precious Is the Blood of the Lamb
  38. Shades of Night in Slumber Fold, The
  39. There Is a Mighty Helper
  40. There Is Joy in Heaven
  41. Thou Knowest That I Love Thee
  42. Through the Darkness of Gloom
  43. Thy Death, O Lord, Is Life to Me
  44. Treasures of Earth Are Not Mine, The
  45. Trust in God
  46. Trusting in the Promise
  47. We Are Waiting, Blessed Lord
  48. We Come, with the Cup of Salvation
  49. We Praise Thee, Gracious Father
  50. Who Is on the Lord’s Side?
  51. Who Is This, All Alone in Sorrow?