De­cem­ber 10, 1863, Mus­co­gee Coun­ty, Geor­gia.

Howard taught one term in pub­lic schools in 1886, and be­gan teach­ing in sing­ing schools the same year.

After teach­ing his first class, he real­ized he need­ed ad­di­tion­al back­ground, so at­tend­ed a ses­sion of Hen­ry Sho­wal­ter’s South­ern Nor­mal Mu­si­cal In­sti­tute (SNMI) at Su­mach, Geor­gia. He al­so at­tend­ed sev­er­al more SNMI ses­sions at Sho­wal­ter’s home in Dal­ton, Geor­gia.

As of 1904 he was liv­ing in Co­lum­bus, Geor­gia.

His works in­clude:

  1. Blessèd Cleans­ing Foun­tain
  1. Believe and Thou Shalt Be Saved
  2. Meet Me There
  3. Pamplona