Au­gust 10, 1810, Tren­ton, New Jer­sey.

Oc­to­ber 4, 1883, New York Ci­ty.

Mer­cer Ce­me­te­ry, Tren­ton, New Jer­sey.


Mary was the daugh­ter of Ben­ja­min Yard and Pris­cil­la Keen, and wife of Hen­ry B. James.

When she was 13 years old, she be­gan teach­ing Sun­day school in the Me­thod­ist Epis­co­pal church. She be­came a pro­mi­nent fi­gure in the Wes­ley­an Ho­li­ness move­ment, as­sist­ing Phoe­be Pal­mer, and oft­en lead­ing meet­ings at Ocean Grove, New Jer­sey, and else­where.

Articles by her ap­peared in the Guide to Ho­li­ness, the New York Chris­tian Ad­vo­cate, The Con­tri­bu­tor, The Chris­tian Witness, The Chris­tian Wo­man, The Chris­tian Stand­ard, and the Ocean Grove Re­cord.

Her works in­clude:

  1. All Bright Above
  2. All for Je­sus
  3. Almost Saved
  4. Amid the World’s Tu­mults
  5. Anchor Holds, The
  6. And Did He Hear That Lit­tle Pray­er?
  7. Are You Drift­ing Down Life’s Cur­rent?
  8. Are You Re­ady?
  9. At the Foun­tain
  10. Behold the Rock, the Smit­ten Rock
  11. Christian, Tell Me, Is Thy Light
  12. Come and See
  13. Companionship with Je­sus
  14. Come, Thou Blesse­d Ho­ly Spir­it
  15. Communion
  16. Consecration
  17. Count the Mer­cies
  18. Cover of His Wings, The
  19. Crowded Is Your Heart with Cares
  20. Deep in the Mire of Sin
  21. Divine Guid­ance
  22. Divine Un­ion
  23. Everlasting Love
  24. Exhaustless Source of Bless­ing
  25. Go Tell the Great Re­deem­er’s Love
  26. Good Tid­ings
  27. Grander Than the Bil­lowy Ocean
  28. Great Sal­va­tion, The
  29. Happy Pil­grim, The
  30. He Is Not Dead, but Sleep­eth
  31. Hold Up the Gos­pel Ban­ner
  32. I Love to Trust in Je­sus
  33. I’ll Ne­ver Leave Thee
  34. I’m Near­ing Home
  35. Is It Well with Thee?
  36. It Reach­es Me
  37. Jesus Called the Lit­tle Ones
  38. Jesus Calls the Child­ren
  39. Jesus Calls Us
  40. Jesus On­ly
  41. Lo, We Come to Preach Glad Tid­ings
  42. Long in Sin’s Dark Drea­ry Path
  43. Loving Words the Shep­herd Said
  44. More and More It Shin­eth
  45. O Dy­ing Souls, Look Up and See
  46. O Glo­ri­ous Pro­mis­es of God
  47. O Glo­ry to God in the High­est
  48. O Gra­cious Pro­mis­es of God
  49. O How We Love the Sun­day School
  50. O Save Our Boys
  51. O Sing the Sweet Song of the An­gels
  52. One Je­sus for All
  53. One Look at the Cru­ci­fied Je­sus
  54. Our Glo­ri­ous Ris­en Lord
  55. Out Amid the Waves of Ocean
  56. Portals of Pearl, The
  57. Prodigal, Come Home
  58. Rest, Bless­ed Rest
  59. Sacred Rest
  60. Safe on the Rock
  61. So Will I Com­fort Thee
  62. Sow the Seed
  63. Sweetly Rest­ing
  64. Take God at His Word
  65. They Are Com­ing with Songs
  66. Thine
  67. Touching Je­sus
  68. Waiting for the Pass­port
  69. We Will Meet in the Morn­ing
  70. Where Are the Har­vest­ers?
  71. Why Not Now?
  72. World’s Need, The
  73. Yes, Pray and Wait

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