Early 20th Century

Mack and Lin­coln Hall found­ed the Hall-Mack mu­sic pub­lish­ing house (lat­er bought by the Ro­de­hea­ver Com­pa­ny).

We spe­cu­late he is the Irv­in H. Mack (1870–1950), bur­ied in North­wood Ce­me­te­ry, Phil­a­del­phia, Penn­syl­van­ia.

Mack’s works in­clude:

  1. Afar From the Tur­moil
  2. All That I Have of Peace
  3. Amidst a World of Sin and Grief
  4. As Flowers in the Morn­ing Sun
  5. Beaming Bright
  6. Beautiful Sto­ry
  7. Bells, The
  8. Beside the Grave the Sav­ior Stands
  9. Blessed Je­sus I Cry
  10. Boundless Love
  11. Breezes Blow, Soft­ly Blow
  12. Church of Je­sus, On­ward Mov­ing
  13. Complete in Him, O Pre­cious Word
  14. Dim, Soft Light of Ear­ly Morn, The
  15. Do Not Des­pise the Chris­tian Path
  16. Drifting, Drift­ing with the Cur­rent
  17. Flowers in Frag­rance Grow­ing
  18. Follow the Mas­ter Wher­e’er He May Lead You
  19. Forward March with Stea­dy Tread
  20. Gates of Glo­ry Lift­ed Are, The
  21. Glory to God in the High­est
  22. God Be in the Fare­well Cho­rus
  23. Hail Again the Time of Joy and Glad­ness
  24. Hallelujah, Hal­le­lu­jah
  25. Have You Ev­er Thought of What the Lord Hath Done?
  26. Hear the Mer­ry Laugh­ter
  27. Holy Babe in Low­ly Mang­er
  28. Hosanna on This Day Shall Be Our Song
  29. How Grand­ly the Re­turn­ing Spring
  30. How Oft Across Life’s Nar­row Path
  31. I Am Weary To­day
  32. I Feel in My Heart a Bless­ing Divine
  33. I Have a Song With­in My Heart
  34. I Was Wan­der­ing on in Dark­ness
  35. In Hap­py Spring­time Forth We Go
  36. In the Day of the Lord
  37. In Thy Gra­cious Name We Ga­ther
  38. Jesus Reigns
  39. Led by the Sav­ior’s Guid­ing
  40. Let Us Carry the Me­ssage
  41. Let Us Sing the Sweet Song
  42. Lift on High Your Hap­py Voic­es
  43. Light Be­yond the Sha­dows
  44. Light from the Tomb
  45. Loving Sav­ior, Kind and Gen­tle
  46. Mandates of the Lord Are Just, The
  47. March On, March On
  48. Merrily, Cheer­i­ly
  49. My Sins Were Ve­ry Press­ing
  50. O for a Nob­ler, Bright­er Life
  51. O Haste to Thy La­bor
  52. O What Hap­pi­ness
  53. On East­ern Plain Re­clin­ing
  54. On the Heights of Moun­tains Steep
  55. Praise the Lord, O Star­ry Skies
  56. Rejoice!
  57. Ring the Bells
  58. Roses Are Bloom­ing
  59. Sabbath Bells
  60. Sacrifice Is Now Com­plet­ed, The
  61. Savior, as a Lit­tle Child, The
  62. Savior Leads His Faith­ful On, The
  63. Secure From Storms and Sin­ful Blasts
  64. See the Ar­my
  65. Send Thy Bless­ing
  66. Should the Sav­ior Come to Call Me
  67. Smiling Flow­ers, The
  68. Somewhere the Sun Is Bright­ly Beam­ing
  69. Song the World Is Sing­ing, A
  70. Sovereign Grace
  71. Star and the An­gels, The
  72. Star of the East
  73. Steadily Ad­vanc­ing
  74. Strive to Be Do­ing Some Good Ev­ery Day
  75. Sweet Mo­ments When We Feel
  76. Sweet Old Sto­ry, The
  77. Sweet Peace Is Flood­ing My Soul
  78. Sweet Smil­ing Rose
  79. Tell Me About the Mas­ter
  80. Tell of Love
  81. There Are Those in Glo­ry Blest
  82. There Are Times When Life Seems Drea­ry
  83. There Came a Man to Je­sus
  84. There Is a Heal­ing Foun­tain
  85. Though I’m Walk­ing on Life’s Path
  86. Through the Gates to the Ci­ty
  87. Through a World Base and Cra­ven
  88. Through All the World the Gos­pel Sound
  89. Till We Meet Again in Thy House
  90. To Sun­ny Fields and Shad­ed Nooks
  91. To the Cross of Christ I Cling
  92. Victory
  93. We Are Tra­vel­ing Home to Glo­ry
  94. What Shall Be Giv­en to Him Who Be­stows
  95. What Tho’ Temp­ta­tion’s Pow­er
  96. When the Cares of Life
  97. When the Lord Shall Come to Call You
  98. With Joy the Morn Is Wak­ing
  99. Would You La­bor for the Mas­ter?