March 24, 1854, Nova Scotia, Canada.

May 20, 1928, Tacoma, Washington.

Mountain View Memorial Park, Lakewood, Washington.


Son of John Archibald McAulay and Catharine Nicolson, Neal moved to Boston, Massachusetts at age 21, and in 1876 to Portland, Maine, where he learned the hatter’s trade. He came to Christ in 1877, and in 1882 moved to Chicago, Illinois, where for a year he devoted his time to mission work, and to the Young Men’s Christian Association. He entered McCormick Theological Seminary, Chicago, Illinois, in 1883, received his degree in 1886, and the same year became pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, Wilton, Iowa (home town of song writer Charles Gabriel). In 1907, he accepted a call to Lyons, Iowa.

McAulay married Lucy Lee Richards (1867–1937) in Iowa in 1887. He began writing Gospel songs in 1889, and also wrote some Masonic poetry. As of 1916, he was director of the Clinton, Iowa, Ministerial Association.

  1. Children’s Hosanna, The
  2. Faith, Hope and Love
  3. How Could It Be?
  4. I Love the Gospel Story
  5. I Shall Be Known Up Yonder
  6. My Shepherd of Love
  7. Old Fashioned Faith, The
  8. Shall I Empty Handed Be?
  9. Thy Boundless Love
  10. When the Silver Cord Is Loosened
  11. Will I Empty Handed Be?
  12. Work for the Lord

McAulay’s full name