No­vem­ber 2, 1864, Cher­ry Grove, Vir­gi­nia (now West Vir­gin­ia).

No­vem­ber 29, 1947, Mont­go­me­ry Coun­ty, Ohio.

Beth­el Ce­me­te­ry, Phil­lips­burg, Ohio.


Henry was the hus­band of Em­ma Brum­baugh, and bro­ther of An­tho­ny Sho­wal­ter.

He is re­mem­bered as a sing­er, teach­er, com­pos­er, and pub­lish­er.

  1. Come Sing Aloud the Hap­py Song
  2. I Am So Hap­py Now in Je­sus
  3. Lord, with De­vo­tion We Pray Thee
  4. My Sav­ior Came Down from His Home Above
  5. O I’m Hop­ing Some­time When My Sav­ior Shall Come
  6. Singing for Je­sus
  7. There Is Life for the Sin­ner at the Foun­tain
  8. There’s a Bless­ed Fount
  9. We’ll Meet Again
  1. Awake, O Earth
  2. Mendocino
  3. More Like Thee
  4. There Is Joy in My Soul To­day