1496, Kahla, Saale-Holzland, Thuringia. Birth name: Johann Blankenmüller.

April 24, 1570, Torgau.

By 1524, Walther was in Torgau, playing the bass at the court of Friedrich the Wise, Elector of Saxony. Elector Johann of Saxony made him Sengermeister (choirmaster) in 1526. When the Electoral Kapelle (orchestra) at Torgau was disbanded in 1530, it was reconstituted by the town, and in 1534 Walther was also appointed cantor to the school at Torgau. On the accession of Elector Moritz of Saxony in 1548, Walther went with him to Dresden as his Kapellmeister. He was pensioned by decree of August 7, 1554, and soon after returned to Torgau, retaining the title of Sengermeister.

  1. Der Bräut’gam wird bald rufen
  2. Herzlich Lieb hab ich dich, mein Gott
  3. Herzlich tut mich erfreuen
  4. Thy Word, O God, Declareth
  5. Word of God, The
  1. Christ Lag in Todes Banden
  2. Christ Unser Herr
  3. Herzlich Tut Mich Erfreuen
  4. Nun Komm