Scripture Verse

He that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved. Matthew 24:13


Fanny Crosby (1820–1915)

Words: Fan­ny Cros­by, in Songs of Joy and Glad­ness No. 2, by Will­iam J. Kirk­pat­rick et al. (Bos­ton, Mas­sa­chu­setts: Mc­Don­ald & Gill, 1890), num­ber 89.

Music: John R. Swe­ney (🔊 pdf nwc).

John R. Sweney (1837–1899)


We can­not fold our hands at ease,
And look for Heav’n at last;
We can­not shout the vic­to­ry won
Until the war is past.


Blessèd are they that en­dure to the end,
For with them it shall be well;
They shall eat of the fruit of the tree of life,
And with Je­sus for­ev­er dwell.

We can­not hope to win the prize,
Unless the race we run;
Nor reap the fruits of end­less joy
If we no work have done.


We can­not slum­ber at our post,
Nor lay our ar­mor down,
And on­ly they who bear the cross
Can ev­er wear the crown.


Then let the cross be all our boast,
And Je­sus all our song,
Till in His robe of right­eous­ness
We join the ran­somed throng.