Feb­ru­a­ry 27, 1838, Dun­can­non, Penn­syl­van­ia.

Sep­tem­ber 20, 1921, Pel­ham Court Ho­tel, Ger­man­town, Penn­syl­van­ia.

West Laur­el Hill Ce­me­te­ry, Ba­la Cyn­wyd, Penn­syl­van­ia.

An­nie F. Bourne


William was the son of school teacher Thomas Kirkpatrick and Elizabeth Storey.

He grew up in a mu­si­cal at­mo­sphere, and in 1854, went to Phil­a­del­phia, Penn­syl­van­ia, to study mu­sic and learn a trade. He spent over three years as a car­pen­ter, but was more in­ter­est­ed in mu­sic than me­chan­ics, de­vot­ing all his lei­sure time to its stu­dy. His am­bi­tion at the time was to be­come a vi­o­lin­ist.

In 1855, Kirk­pat­rick joined the Whar­ton Street Me­tho­dist Epis­co­pal Church in Phil­a­del­phia, and from then on de­vot­ed him­self most­ly to sac­red mu­sic, giv­ing his ser­vic­es to the choir and Sun­day school.

As there were few church or­gans in that day, his vi­o­lin and cel­lo were in con­stant de­mand for choir re­hear­sals, sing­ing so­ci­e­ties, and church pro­grams. Dur­ing this time he wrote a num­ber of un­pub­lished hymn tunes and an­thems.

Kirkpatrick mar­ried Su­san­na Doak in 1861, and had three child­ren with her, in­clud­ing hymn­ist May D. Kirk­pat­rick. Af­ter Su­san­na’s death, he mar­ried Sar­ah Lank­ford Kel­logg Bourne in 1893. Af­ter Sar­ah died in 1917, he mar­ried Liz­zie Swe­ney, wi­dow of John R. Swe­ney.

In 1861, at the start of the Am­er­i­can civil war, Kirk­pat­rick en­list­ed in the ar­my as a Fife Ma­jor. He was dis­charged the next year, ap­par­ent­ly be­cause of the act of Cong­ress end­ing re­gi­ment­al bands.

Kirkpatrick stu­died vo­cal mu­sic under Pro­fess­or T. Bi­shop, then a lead­ing or­a­tor­io and bal­lad sing­er. He be­came a mem­ber of the Har­mon­ia and Han­del and Haydn Sac­red Mu­sic So­ci­e­ties, where he heard the great­est sing­ers of the day and be­came fa­mil­iar with the prin­ci­pal cho­ral works of the great comp­os­ers.

Kirk­pat­rick’s first pub­lished com­po­si­tion was When the Spark of Life Is Wan­ing, which ap­peared around 1858 in the Mu­sic­al Pi­o­neer in New York. He went on to pub­lish about 50 hymn col­lect­ions, in­clud­ing:

  1. Wilt Thou Be Made Whole?
  1. Albuquerque
  2. Akolo
  3. All ov­er the World
  4. Alone with God
  5. Anaheim
  6. Annetta
  7. Are You Com­ing to the Feast?
  8. At the Mer­cy Seat
  9. Bangkok
  10. Beautiful Hills of Rest
  11. Beautiful Robes
  12. Beautiful Sab­bath
  13. Becontree
  14. Bells of Eter­ni­ty, The
  15. Beneath His Shel­ter­ing Wings
  16. Best of All
  17. Blackfriars
  18. Blessed Be the Name
  19. Blessèd Old Sto­ry of Love
  20. Blessing in Pray­er, A
  21. Braintree
  22. Buda
  23. Buried with Christ
  24. By Grace I Will
  25. Calling for You
  26. Calvary’s Stream Is Flow­ing
  27. Carradale
  28. Christ Is Ris­en
  29. City Be­yond, The
  30. Close to Thy Cross, O Christ
  31. Closer Walk with Thee
  32. Come, for All Things Are Rea­dy
  33. Come, Lord, and Let Thy Pow­er
  34. Come to Je­sus While You May
  35. Comforter Has Come, The
  36. Coming Home
  37. Companionship with Je­sus
  38. Cozumel
  39. Cradle Song
  40. Crispus
  41. Cuddalore
  42. Darmstadt
  43. Dear Je­sus, Canst Thou Help Me?
  44. Dear to the Heart of the Shep­herd
  45. Deeper Yet
  46. Dortmund
  47. Douala
  48. Dropping Pen­nies
  49. Every Word I Be­lieve
  50. Fall River
  51. Famous Ea­gle
  52. Farmington
  53. Father All Ho­ly
  54. For Christ and the Church
  55. Freedom in Je­sus
  56. Friesen
  57. Full Sur­ren­der
  58. Gathering Out of Tears
  59. Gdynia
  60. Gentle Shep­herd, Save Me Now
  61. Gibraltar
  62. Giggleswick
  63. Give Me Thy Heart
  64. Give to Je­sus Glo­ry
  65. Glory in My Soul
  66. Glory to God, Hal­le­lu­jah
  67. Go, Study the Bi­ble
  68. God So Loved the World
  69. God’s Word
  70. Golden Bells, The
  71. Grace Is Free
  72. Grand Old Sto­ry of Sal­va­tion, The
  73. Gujarat
  74. Hainault
  75. Hallelujah (Col­lins)
  76. Hallelujah! Amen!
  77. Happy Crown­ing Day, The
  78. Hear and An­swer Pray­er
  79. He Came to Save Me
  80. He Died for Thee
  81. He Hid­eth My Soul
  82. He Is All in All to Me
  83. He Ne­ver Will For­sake Me
  84. Healing at the Foun­tain
  85. Healing Touch, The
  86. He’ll Come Again
  87. He’ll Come and Tar­ry Not
  88. He’s Migh­ty to Save
  89. His Blood
  90. His Grace Abound­eth More
  91. Home at Last
  92. Hounslow
  93. House Springs
  94. How Should We Spend Our Time?
  95. I Hope to Meet You All in Glo­ry
  96. I Shall Be No Strang­er There
  97. I’ll Bear It, Lord, for Thee
  98. In Beth­a­ny
  99. In the Book Which Thou Art Keep­ing
  100. In the Twink­ling of an Eye
  101. Indianapolis
  102. Jacksonville
  103. Jesus Comes
  104. Jesus On­ly
  105. Jesus Un­der­stands!
  106. Jesus Will Lis­ten to Me
  107. Just a Lit­tle Sun­shine
  108. Kansas Ci­ty
  109. Kars
  110. Keep in the Line
  111. Keep Me Ev­er Close to Thee
  112. Kirkpatrick
  113. Lake Mead
  114. Landås
  115. Lead Me to Cal­va­ry
  116. Let the Light Stream In
  117. Let Us Sing of His Love
  118. Liberia
  119. Like an Ar­my We Are March­ing
  120. Like as a Fa­ther
  121. Lilliard
  122. Lisse
  123. Listen to the Bless­èd In­vi­ta­tion
  124. Lo! the Gold­en Fields Are Smil­ing
  125. Lord, I’m Com­ing Home
  126. Love of Je­sus (Hew­itt), The
  127. Loyola
  128. Made Whole
  129. Marching on to Vic­to­ry
  130. Maui
  131. Meet in the Morn­ing
  132. Meet Me There
  133. Melo
  134. Mercy Is Bound­less and Free
  135. Minnewaska
  136. Moline
  137. More Faith in Je­sus
  138. Music and Love
  139. My Heart’s Dear Home
  140. My Light and Song
  141. My Sav­ior Face to Face
  142. No King but Christ
  143. None Can Help Like Je­sus
  144. O to Abide in Je­sus
  145. O to Be Like Thee!
  146. Oh, for a Heart Whit­er Than Snow
  147. Old Foun­tain, The
  148. On the Cross of Cal­va­ry
  149. Only Be­lieve
  150. Only His Love
  151. Onward Now
  152. Open Bi­ble for the World, An
  153. Orlando
  154. Over and Ov­er (ar­rang­er)
  155. Over the Tide
  156. Praise Je­ho­vah
  157. Praise Ye the Lord
  158. Promise Way, The
  159. Promised Land (Gill), The
  160. Raleigh
  161. Redeemed
  162. River of Life, The
  163. Riverside
  164. Royal Foun­tain, The
  165. Salvation
  166. Salvation’s Sto­ry
  167. Sands
  168. Save Me Now
  169. Save One
  170. Saved to the Ut­ter­most
  171. Saxony
  172. Say! Will You Meet Me There?
  173. Sheltered
  174. Sing, My Soul!
  175. Sing un­to God
  176. Singing I Go
  177. Sochi
  178. Sometime
  179. Speeding On­ward
  180. Stepping in the Light
  181. Still Out of Christ
  182. Take the Life-Boat
  183. Tell It Ov­er Again
  184. Ten Thou­sand Thanks to Je­sus
  185. There’s a Bless­ing for Me
  186. There’s Pow­er in Je­sus’ Blood
  187. They Shall Be Com­fort­ed
  188. Thy Ho­ly Spir­it, Lord, Alone
  189. ’Tis Burn­ing in My Soul
  190. ’Tis So Sweet to Trust in Je­sus
  191. Toledo
  192. Triumphs of Faith, The
  193. True Shep­herd, The
  194. Turn a New Leaf for Me
  195. ’Twill All Be Right at Last
  196. Under the Blood
  197. Valley of Rest
  198. Very Friend I Need, The
  199. Very Same Je­sus, The
  200. Vienne
  201. Wait, and Mur­mur Not
  202. Waiting for You and Me
  203. Washed in the Blood of My Re­deem­er
  204. Watch and Pray
  205. Watchman, Blow the Gos­pel Trum­pet
  206. We Have an An­chor
  207. We Walk by Faith
  208. Welcome for Me
  209. What Je­sus Is to Me
  210. What Will It Mat­ter?
  211. When Love Shines In
  212. When the Bride­groom Comes
  213. When the Cur­tains Are Lift­ed
  214. Where Is My Soul To­night?
  215. Wingate
  216. Wonderful Re­deem­er
  217. You May Have the Joy-Bells