Scripture Verse

There is no power but from God; the powers that be are ordained by God. Romans 13:1


Words: Hen­ry Har­baugh, 1860.

Music: Great High Priest Chris­tian Greg­or, Cho­ral­buch 1784 (🔊 pdf nwc).

If you know where to get a good pic­ture of Hintze (head & shoul­ders, at least 200×300 pix­els),

Henry Harbaugh


God, most mighty, sovereign Lord,
By the heavenly hosts adored!
God of nations, King of kings,
Head of all created things!

By Thy saints with joy confessed,
God o’er all for ever blest,
Lo, we come before Thy throne
In our Sav­ior’s name alone.

Thee, O Christ, we worship, bless,
Head of all Thy Church confess;
Hear the praises, and the plaints,
Of Thy needy, sighing saints.

Let Thy blood our ransom be;
Save us as we trust in Thee.
Pleading at Thy throne we stand,
Save Thy people, bless our land.

By Thy­self, the source of grace;
By Thy headship of our race;
By Thy coming from the skies;
By Thine awful sacrifice!

By Thy reign o’er all on earth,
For its new, and second birth:
In Thy merits let us stand,
Save, O Lord, and bless our land.

From all public sin and shame;
From ambition’s grasping aim,
From the pride that brings a fall,
Sins of sense whose dregs are gall.

From the love of vanity;
From forgetfulness of Thee:
From the judgments of Thy hand,
Spare Thy people, spare our land.

From rebellion, war and death;
From the pestilential breath:
From dread famine’s awful stroke;
From oppression’s galling yoke.

From the earthquake’s stunning blow;
From all public fear and woe;
Spare us, spare us, Lord most high,
Hear Thy people’s humble cry.

On our fields of grass and grain,
Drop, O Lord! the kindly rain;
O’er our wide and goodly land,
Crown the labors of each hand.

Let Thy kind protection be
O’er our commerce on the sea;
Open, Lord! Thy bounteous hand,
Bless Thy people, bless our land.

Let, O Lord! our rulers be
Men that love and honor Thee;
Let the powers by Thee ordained
Be in right­eous­ness maintained.

In the people’s hearts increase
Love of piety and peace;
Thus united we shall stand
One wide, free, and happy land.

God the Fa­ther, let Thy love
Shine upon us from above;
God the Son, our Sav­ior, plead,
With Thy blood, for all we need.

God the Holy Ghost, impart
Healing power to every heart;
Triune God, O hear our plea,
Save us as we trust in Thee.