October 28, 1817, Waynesboro, Pennsylvania.

December 28, 1867, at his home in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania.

Trinity United Church of Christ, Mercersburg, Pennsylvania.


A farmer’s son, Harbaugh worked as a carpenter, teacher and writer as a young man. In 1840, he enrolled at Marshall College in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania. After almost three years there, he went to Mercersburg Theological Seminary. He received a preaching license from the synod at Winchester, Virginia, and in 1844 became pastor of the German Reformed Church in Lewisburg. Around 1851, he moved to the First Reformed Church in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and in 1860 to Lebanon, Pennsylvania. Around 1863, he became a professor of didactic and practical theology at Mercersburg Seminary. His works include:

  1. Day Is Ending, Faster, Faster, The
  2. God, Most Mighty, Sovereign Lord
  3. God of Nations, King of Kings
  4. Hail, Jesus, Israel’s Hope and Light!
  5. How Lovely Shines the Morning Star
  6. Jesus, I Live to Thee
  7. Jesus, My Shepherd, Let Me Share
  1. Lord of Life Is Risen, The