Scripture Verse

Sing praises unto our king. Psalm 47:6


James Rowe (1865–1933)

Words: James Rowe, 1912.

Music: James D. Vaugh­an (🔊 pdf nwc).

James D. Vaughan (1864–1941)


All day long of Je­sus I am sing­ing,
He my song of joy will ev­er be;
All the while He keeps my heart-bells ring­ing,
For His love is ev­ery­thing to me.


He’s my king, and O I dear­ly love Him,
He’s my king, no oth­er is above Him;
All day long en­rap­tured praise I sing,
He’s my Sav­ior, He’s my king!

Streams of love around my soul are flow­ing,
From His heart love’s ev­er­last­ing spring;
That is why my faith in Him I’m show­ing,
That is why an end­less song I sing.


In His light, I’m go­ing home to glo­ry,
With the souls who trust His sav­ing grace;
Going home to sing and tell His sto­ry,
In the bless­èd sun­shine of His face.