We have seen His star in the east.@Matthew 2:2
James H. Fillmore, Sr. (1849–1936)

Lucinda B. Bateman, in Songs for the Wee Ones, edited by James H. Fillmore (Cincinnati, Ohio: Fillmore Brothers, 1876); some hymnals show the author as Grace Glenn, Bateman’s pseudonym.

Cahokia Mounds James H. Fillmore (🔊 pdf nwc).

Little stars that twinkle in the heavens’ blue,
I have often wondered if you ever knew,
How there rose one like you, leading wise old men
From the East, thro’ Judah, down to Bethlehem.

Did you see the costly presents they had brought?
Did you see the stable they in wonder sought?
Did you see the worship tenderly they paid
To that stranger Baby in the manger laid?

Did you hear the mothers pleading thro’ their tears
For the babes that Herod slew the coming years?
Did you see how Joseph, warned of God in dreams,
Hurried into Egypt guided by your beams?

Did you watch the Savior all those years of strife?
Did you know, for sinners, how He gave His life?
Little stars that twinkle in the heavens’ blue,
All you saw of Jesus, how I wish I knew.