Scripture Verse

It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment. Hebrews 9:27


Martin W. Knapp

Words: Mar­tin M. Knapp, Bi­ble Songs of Sal­va­tion and Vic­to­ry (Cin­cin­na­ti, Ohio: Mar­tin W. Knapp, 1902), num­ber 94.

Music: Ro­bert E. Mc­Neill (🔊 pdf nwc).

Robert E. McNeill


Have you heard of the appointment
Which we all must surely meet,
When the final court assembles,
With the Judge upon His seat?
You have certainly been summoned,
For the Bible tells me so,
And whatever your engagements,
You must to the judgment go.


Oh, the weeping and the wailing,
As the wicked turn away
To their awful doom eternal,
At the final judgment day.

Every eye shall then behold Him,
See the Judge upon His throne,
And the wicked quail before Him,
All their guilt compelled to own;
Once derided, now exalted,
Every knee to Him shall bow,
Many slighted, Christ rejected,
What a fearful harvest now!


Every deed you have committed
Will appear before the throne,
All your inner, bidden secrets
Then shall certainly be known;
All the courts of Heav’n assembled,
What a gath’ring that will be!
If you are not saved and ready,
What a dreadful day for thee!


Oh, the solemn, tragic horrors
Of that awful day of days,
When the earth shall be on fire,
And the heavens all ablaze;
When the wicked, in their frenzy,
On their knees shall wailing fall,
And upon the rocks and mountains,
All in vain for help shall call.


Then the dreaded, awful sentence
Shall at last from Him be heard,
With no hope of a reversal;
He can never change His word;
Cursed souls, depart forever!
To the punishment prepared,
For the devil and his angels,
wful doom, forever shared.