Scripture Verse

Come, for all things are now ready. Luke 14:17


Lewis T. Hartsough

Words: Lew­is T. Hart­sough, in Pil­grims’ Songs, ed­it­ed by Will­iam Brad­bu­ry (New York: Iv­i­son, Phin­ney, 1863), pag­es 57 & 68.

Music: Round Rock Will­iam B. Brad­bu­ry (🔊 pdf nwc).

William B. Bradbury


Let me go where saints are going,
To the mansions of the blest;
Let me go where my Redeemer
Has prepared His people’s rest.
I would gain the realms of brightness,
Where they dwell forevermore;
I would join the friends that wait me,
Over on the other shore.


Let me go, ’tis Jesus calls me,
Let me gain the realms of day;
Bear me over, angel pinions,
Longs my soul to be away.

Let me go where none are weary,
Where is raised no wail of woe;
Let me go and bathe my spirit,
In the raptures angels know.
Let me go, for bliss eternal
Lures my soul away, away,
And the victor’s song triumphant
Thrills my heart; I cannot stay.


Let me go, why should I tarry?
What has earth to bind me here?
What but cares and toils and sorrows?
What but death and pain and fear?
Let me go, for hopes most cherished,
Blasted round me often lie.
O! I’ve gathered brightest flowers,
But to see them fade and die.


Let me go where tears and sighing,
Are for evermore unknown,
Where the joyous songs of glory
Call me to a happier home.
Let me go—I’d cease this dying,
I would gain life’s fairer plains;
Let me join the myriad harpers,
Let me chant their rapturous strains.


Let me go, there is a glory
That my soul hath longed to know,
I am thirsting for the waters,
That from crystal fountains flow.
There is where the angels tarry,
There the saved forever throng;
There the brightness wearies never,
There I’ll sing redemption’s song.