Scripture Verse

Thou hast ascended on high. Psalm 68:18


Berthold Tours

Words: Will­iam G. Tar­rant, 1890.

Music: Rot­ter­dam Ber­thold Tours, 1875 (🔊 pdf nwc).

William G. Tarrant


The light along the ages
Shines higher as it goes;
From age to age more glorious
Its radiant splendor grows.
Man’s life, begun so lowly,
Now soars to Heaven above,
To share in life eternal
The joys of endless love.

But every gift surpassing,
This wondrous gift we own—
The Son of Man is risen
To dwell before Thy throne.
Wherever goodness reigneth
The soul of Christ lives on,
And every Christlike spirit
Shall rise where He hath gone.