Scripture Verse

The wall…was of jasper: and the city was pure gold. Revelation 21:18


Horace L. Hastings

Words: Hor­ace L. Hast­ings, 1858.

Music: Eli­hu S. Rice, 1866 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Elihu S. Rice

While sec­re­ta­ry and cho­ris­ter of the Bap­tist Sun­day school at Lo­gans­port, Mr. Rice com­posed the mu­sic of this song and sent it to the Rev. Ro­bert Low­ry, then ed­it­or of the mu­sic­al de­part­ment of the Young Reap­er, a Sun­day school pa­per pub­lished in Phi­la­del­phia. It was ac­cept­ed and first pub­lished in that pe­ri­od­i­cal. Years passed be­fore the com­pos­er real­ized its po­pu­lar­i­ty.

The first no­tice I re­ceived, he says, of the fav­or­a­ble re­cep­tion of ‘Shall we meet’ by the mu­sic­al pub­lic was from Mr. San­key, in a ve­ry kind let­ter wri­tten in Au­gust, 1879, thir­teen years af­ter its first pub­li­ca­tion.

While mu­sic has been writ­ten for those words by a num­ber of mu­sic­al com­pos­ers, I have the sa­tis­fac­tion of know­ing that my mu­sic has re­ceived the choice and ap­pro­val of Mr. Hast­ings, the au­thor of the words.

Sankey, p. 240


Shall we meet beyond the river,
Where the surges cease to roll?
Where in all the bright forever,
Sorrow ne’er shall press the soul?


Shall we meet, shall we meet,
Shall we meet beyond the river?
Shall we meet beyond the river,
Where the surges cease to roll?

Shall we meet in that blest harbor,
When our stormy voyage is o’er?
Shall we meet and cast the anchor
By the fair, celestial shore?


Shall we meet in yonder city,
Where the towers or crystal shine?
Where the walls are all of jasper,
Built by workmanship divine?


Shall we meet with Christ our Savior,
When He comes to claim His own?
Shall we know His blessèd favor,
And sit down upon His throne?