Scripture Verse

The half was not told. 1 Kings 10:7


Lelia N. Morris (1862–1929)


Words & Mu­sic: Le­lia N. Mor­ris, cir­ca 1919 (🔊 pdf nwc).

If you know where to get a bet­ter pho­to of Mor­ris,


The Sav­ior has come in His migh­ty pow­er,
And spok­en peace to my soul;
And all of my life from that ve­ry hour
I’ve yield­ed to His con­trol,
I’ve yield­ed to His con­trol.


Wonderful, won­der­ful,
Marvelous and won­der­ful,
What He has done for my soul!
The half has ne­ver been told;
Oh, it is won­der­ful.
It is mar­vel­ous and won­der­ful,
What Je­sus has done for this soul of mine!
The half has ne­ver been told.

’Twas on­ly a fore­taste of joys di­vine
In Ca­naan wait­ing for me,
Where sweet­est of ho­ney and milk and wine
Were dripp­ing from ev­ery tree,
Were dripp­ing from ev­ery tree.


From glo­ry to glo­ry He leads me on,
From grace to grace ev­ery day;
And bright­er and bright­er the glo­ry dawns,
While press­ing my home­ward way,
While press­ing my home­ward way.


If fel­low­ship here with my Lord can be
So in­ex­press­ibly sweet,
Oh, what will it be when His face we see,
When ’round the bright throne we meet?
When ’round the bright throne we meet?