May 7, 1844, Red­ford, Mi­chi­gan.

Oc­to­ber 24, 1932, Ply­mouth, Mi­chi­gan.

Ri­ver­side Ce­me­te­ry, Ply­mouth, Mi­chi­gan.

Un­cle Frank.


Palmer was the son of Wells Hart­sough and Thank­full Barnes.

He at­tend­ed Kal­a­ma­zoo Col­lege and the Mi­chi­gan State Nor­mal school.

After work­ing as a tra­vel­ing sing­ing teach­er in Mi­chi­gan, Il­li­nois, Io­wa, Ohio, Ken­tuc­ky, and Ten­nes­see, he opened a mu­sic stu­dio in Rock Is­land, Il­li­nois, around 1877, and di­rect­ed the mu­sic at a Baptist church there.

In 1893, he moved to Cin­cin­na­ti, Ohio, where he joined the Fill­more Mu­sic Com­pa­ny. In Cin­cin­na­ti, he act­ed as mu­sic di­rect­or at the Beth­el Mis­sion and at the Ninth Street Bap­tist Church.

Hartsough was or­dained a Bap­tist min­is­ter in 1906, serv­ing in On­tar­io, Mi­chi­gan, from 1914 un­til re­tir­ing in 1927. He then returned to Ply­mouth, Mi­chi­gan, where he lived the rest of his life.

University of Mis­sou­ri lib­ra­ri­an Hen­ry O. Se­ver­ance wrote an un­pub­lished bi­o­gra­phy of Hart­sough in 1937.

Hartsough’s works include:

  1. All Safe to Land
  2. All Thy Hills He Clothed with Fat­ling
  3. Along the An­cient High­way
  4. Are You Sow­ing the Seed?
  5. Are You Trust­ing in the Sav­ior?
  6. Armies of Zi­on
  7. As Goes Am­er­i­ca, So Goes the World
  8. As We Joy­ful Ga­ther in This Hap­py Band
  9. Banners Wav­ing Proud­ly o’er Us
  10. Be Not Afraid, but Speak
  11. Beautiful Flag of Li­ber­ty
  12. Beautiful Ri­ver of Life
  13. Behold, a Strang­er Wait­ing Stands
  14. Behold, Be­hold the Fields Al­rea­dy White
  15. Bells Are Ring­ing, Birds Are Sing­ing
  16. Bells of Hea­ven, How They Gent­ly Chime
  17. Brief Day of Life Is Fast Near­ing Its Close, The
  18. Bright Bloom the Dai­sies
  19. Bright Hosts in Worlds Above
  20. Bright Star of Hope
  21. Bring Me Not Gifts
  22. Cheerful Gi­ving
  23. Chiming Through the Az­ure Sky
  24. Christ, Our Friend, O What a Won­der
  25. Clear on Earth’s Gloomy Night
  26. Come Out, Come Out, Good Girls and Boys
  27. Come to the Lord in Pray­er
  28. Come to the Sav­ior
  29. Conquering Christ, O Earth, Be­hold, The
  30. Dark Is the Night
  31. Ever for the Right, Boys
  32. Eye Hath Not Seen
  33. Fair Li­lies We Bring You
  34. Father in Hea­ven So Kind­ly Doth Give, The
  35. Father, Kind, Above, Sent Forth in Ten­der Love, The
  36. Father, Pleads Thy Son in Pray­er
  37. Filled with the Spir­it Sent From the Fa­ther
  38. Flowers of the Field Have a Les­son for Me, The
  39. Fly Your Ban­ners
  40. Follow in the Path Where Je­sus Leads
  41. Following Jesus, She­pherd Di­vine
  42. Following the Steps of Je­sus
  43. For the Ones That Are Dear
  44. Forward, For­ward, For­ward Go
  45. From a Dist­ant Shore Comes the Moan­ing Cry
  46. Give, Give to the Lord Sa­ith the Word
  47. Give Thanks to the Lord, and Bless His Name
  48. Give We Praise to the God Above
  49. Glory So Great, The
  50. Go Forth, Thou Church Tri­um­phant
  51. God Bless Our Na­tive Land
  52. Grant Us, Lord, Thy Bless­ed Fa­vor
  53. Great Joy in That Ci­ty
  54. Greet the Whole World with a Smile
  55. Hail, Migh­ty Vic­tor, Hail
  56. Happy in the Gos­pel from Above
  57. Has the Pro­mise of the Fa­ther
  58. He Is Com­ing
  59. Hear the Trum­pet Call That’s Sound­ing
  60. Hear Ye Not the Trum­pet Blast?
  61. Heaven, Sweet Hea­ven, I Hear Afar the Song
  62. Heralds of Light, Go Ye Forth Mid the Dark­ness
  63. Heralds of Truth, Sound Ye Abroad
  64. Holy One, Je­sus Our Sav­ior
  65. How Calm and Bright the Love­ly Morn
  66. I Am Hap­py in My Sav­ior
  67. I Am Re­solved
  68. I Be­lieve in God
  69. I Have a Store of All Good­ly Things
  70. I Hear My Bless­ed Sav­ior Say
  71. I Love the Lord, He Came to Save
  72. I Shall Awake When the Trump Shall Sound
  73. I Will Not Go With­out Thee
  74. If I Must Die, O, Let Me Die Re­clin­ing
  75. In Him We Live
  76. In His Rude Man­ger-Bed Sleep­ing
  77. In Love for Me the Ho­ly One En­throned
  78. In My Heart the Bells of Glad­ness
  79. In That Sum­mer Land of Beau­ty
  80. In the Coun­try That We Love the Best
  81. In the House of Ma­ny Man­sions
  82. In the King­dom of the Lord
  83. In the Land We Love
  84. In the Light of God’s Truth
  85. In the Morn­ing Ere the Bu­sy Day
  86. In the Name of Christ, Fling Your Ban­ners Out
  87. In the Name of God We’re March­ing
  88. In the Name of Je­sus Bow
  89. In the Ser­vice of My Sav­ior There Is Bless­ing
  90. In the Si­lence of the Mid­night
  91. In the Still­ness of the Twi­light
  92. In the Sun­day School We’re Ga­thered Once Again
  93. Into My Soul Has Come Peace Like a Dove
  94. Is There Aught So Love­ly as the Sun­ny Day
  95. I’ve Joy With­in Wher­e’er I Go
  96. Jesus Is Call­ing, Call­ing
  97. Jesus Is Call­ing, Dear One, for Thee
  98. Jesus Is Call­ing, I Hear His Lov­ing Voice
  99. Jesus the High and the Ho­ly
  100. Jesus, Thou Light Di­vine
  101. Jesus, Thou Mer­ci­ful Sav­ior
  102. Joyful We Come to Zi­on’s Fair Gates
  103. Just as Thou Wilt
  104. Just on Be­fore Are the Hills of God
  105. Leaving It All with Him
  106. Light From Hea­ven Shines on My Way, A
  107. Little Boat, Lit­tle Boat, Sail Away
  108. Lord Be with and Bless Thee, The
  109. Lord, We Be­seech Thee
  110. Loud Sounds the Bu­gle
  111. Love and Help Each Oth­er
  112. Lovely, Love­ly River
  113. March Bold­ly On
  114. Master Is Call­ing Thee, The
  115. Messengers of Love and Mer­cy
  116. Murmuring Brooks, the Sing­ing Birds, The
  117. My Sav­ior Died up­on the Tree
  118. Native Land, Our Coun­try Bright
  119. O Bright Are the Wave­lets on Blue Ga­li­lee
  120. O, Cal­va­ry, Dread Cal­va­ry
  121. O Come, O Come, Let Us Wor­ship
  122. O Country Great, O Coun­try Free
  123. O Gent­ly Speak as on We Go
  124. O Hap­py Souls Are We
  125. O Heav­en­ly Fa­ther, Hear Our Pray­er
  126. O Ho­ly Day, O Hap­py Day
  127. O How Plea­sant the Way
  128. O I Love to Go to Je­sus
  129. O My Bless­ed Savior, Guide Me
  130. O My Soul, Thy Sav­ior See
  131. O Night of Glo­ry
  132. O People of the Li­ving God
  133. O Praise the Lord, O Praise the Lord, Let Songs
  134. O Ros­es Sweet, O Ros­es Fair
  135. O Sav­ior Mine, So Full, So Free
  136. O, Sing of the Love of the Lord
  137. O Won­der­ful Word of Sal­va­tion
  138. O’er Our Land the Day Is Break­ing
  139. O’er the Dark and Si­lent Stream
  140. O’er the Mea­dow and the Moun­tain
  141. O’er the Si­lent Ri­ver, Dark and Cold
  142. Oft as Re­turns the Ho­ly Day
  143. On the Pre­cious Pro­mise of My Sav­ior
  144. On the Pro­mise of My Sav­ior
  145. On the West­ern Bil­lows
  146. On Thee, My Lord, My Soul Is Stayed
  147. Only Je­sus
  148. Onward, On­ward, Hear the Trum­pet Call­ing
  149. Open the Win­dows of Hea­ven
  150. Our Fa­ther, While Be­fore Thee
  151. Our Na­tive Land We Bring to Je­sus
  152. Praise of Our Cre­at­or, The
  153. Praise Ye the Lord with Harp and Voice
  154. Praise Ye the Lord, Your Grate­ful Tri­bute Bring­ing
  155. Put on the Whole Ar­mor
  156. Refuge Have We When the Storm Sweeps the Skies, A
  157. Resurrection Day, The
  158. Rejoice, Re­joice, Ye Na­tions
  159. Scatter Your Ma­ny Bless­ings
  160. See the Dews of Morn­ing
  161. Seek Ye the Lord While He May Be Found
  162. Send Out Thy Light and Thy Truth, Bless­ed Lord
  163. Shepherd So True and Ten­der
  164. Sing Eve­ry Clime and Tongue
  165. Sing to Je­ho­vah, Sing Ye with Glad­ness
  166. Sky Is Bright, the Heart Is Light, The
  167. Soldiers, Are We at the Call of Our King
  168. Speed Away
  169. Star Di­vine, That Led the Wise Men
  170. Summer Comes at His De­cree, The
  171. Sweet Are the Pro­mis­es of the Ear­ly Spring
  172. Sweet Are the Pro­mis­es of the Ho­ly Word
  173. Sweet Are the Songs of the Wild Birds
  174. Sweet Gifts of Love
  175. Sweet It Is, O Lord, to Praise
  176. Sweet on the Ear Falls a Heav­en­ly Voice
  177. Sweet Sav­ior Mine
  178. Sweetest Song, the Dear­est Name, The
  179. Take Heart, Weary Toiler
  180. Tell It Again to Me the Sto­ry
  181. Tell It Out, Tell It Out
  182. Thanks Be to God for All His Migh­ty Deeds
  183. There Is a Mar­riage of the Great King’s Son
  184. There Is a Path That Je­sus Leads
  185. There Is a Ri­ver Whose Crys­tal Flood
  186. There Is No­thing Like the Good­ness
  187. There Is One Among the Meek Most Low­ly
  188. Therefore Watch
  189. There’s a Bat­tle on Against the Wrong
  190. There’s a Ris­ing Bright­ness in the Sky
  191. There’s Joy in My Heart To­day
  192. They Are Tell­ing of a Sav­ior
  193. Through All the Tem­ple Ring­ing
  194. Through an En­e­my’s Coun­try
  195. Through the Mea­dows Where the Sweet­est Pas­ture Grows
  196. Thy Lord Hath Vi­sit­ed Thee
  197. ’Tis Fi­nished, Was His Dy­ing Cry
  198. ’Tis the Sac­red Day
  199. ’Tis the Sav­ior Plead­ing
  200. ’Tis the Sweet­est Thought
  201. To the Bless­ed Fa­ther Now Be End­less Praise
  202. To the Lamb That Was Slain
  203. To Us Has Been Giv­en a Coun­try So Great
  204. Today if Ye Will Hear His Voice
  205. Trumpet Call of God, The
  206. Unto Him Will I Sing
  207. Unto the Lord, un­to the Lord
  208. Upon the Cross Up­lift­ed High
  209. Upon the Sun­day Morn, How Sweet
  210. Wait up­on God
  211. Wait on the Lord, Though Dark Thy Night
  212. Watch and Wait for the Time Is Near­ing
  213. We Are an Ar­my
  214. We Are Hap­py, Al­ways Hap­py
  215. We Are Sol­diers in the Ar­my
  216. We Are Wait­ing Till the Bride­groom Com­eth
  217. We Come, We Come, We Come to the Sun­day School
  218. We Have Buck­led on the Ar­mor
  219. We Praise Thee, O God, in Thy Name We Re­joice
  220. We Should Love and Help Each Oth­er
  221. We Would Love and Help
  222. Week Has Passed Its Bu­sy Round, The
  223. We’ll Be There
  224. When Bursts the Morn­ing
  225. When by the Sea Side Stray­ing
  226. When It’s Bright Above You
  227. When Lord’s Day Morn­ing
  228. When Night Set­tles Down o’er the Sea
  229. When Sun­set Is Gild­ing the West­ern Hills
  230. When the Burn­ing Sun Is Parch­ing
  231. When the Christ­mas Bells Are Peal­ing Out
  232. When the Day Is Break­ing and the Night Is Gone
  233. When the Shades of Night Are Dark­est
  234. When the Skies Are Bright
  235. When the Sky o’er Spreads with Black­ness
  236. When the Storm Rag­es High
  237. When the Tide of God’s Mer­cy Comes In
  238. When the Trou­bles of Life Like the Wild Bil­lows Roll
  239. When the Winds and Floods Up­ris­ing
  240. When with the Notes of Spring
  241. Where Je­sus Calls
  242. While Na­ture Re­joic­es
  243. While We’re Ga­thered Here
  244. Who Can Tell the Love of Je­sus?
  245. Wild Breaks the Storm up­on the Deep
  246. Wonderful Sav­ing Pow­er of Je­sus
  247. Would You Have the Things You Ask For?
  248. Word of His Grace, The
  249. Years of God Are Roll­ing On, The
  250. Young Men, Be Strong the World to Win

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