Ju­ly 1872, Del­a­ware (prob­ab­ly Wilm­ing­ton)

No­vem­ber 20, 1954, Wil­ming­ton, Del­a­ware.

Lom­bar­dy Ce­me­te­ry, Wil­ming­ton, Del­a­ware.


William was the son of La­fay­ette Marks and Re­bec­ca Is­a­bella Quig­ley, and hus­band of Li­da H. Mel­son.

His works in­clude:

  1. Are You Sore­ly Trou­bled with Sin?
  2. Arise and Stand for Na­tive Land
  3. Battle Is On, The
  4. Be Thou Faith­ful Un­til Je­sus
  5. Before I Knew Je­sus My Lord
  6. Bring Hi­ther the Thanks
  7. Christmas Joy
  8. Come and Dwell in the Vale
  9. Come and Fol­low the Lord
  10. Come Eve­ry One That Thirsts
  11. Come, O Come and Bathe To­day
  12. Come, Tune the Heart
  13. Come, Who­so­ev­er Will
  14. Count It All Joy
  15. Dear Je­sus Dwell With­in
  16. Death Is Con­quered, Hal­le­lu­jah!
  17. Do You Know the Gos­pel Story?
  18. Ever On­ward Run­ning
  19. Ever Since My Savior Washed My Sins Away
  20. Ever Since That Bless­ed Day
  21. Father, Throw the Door Wide Open
  22. Firmly Stand Ye Ev­er
  23. Give Out the Hap­py That Your Heart Con­tains
  24. Glad Hearts Are Sing­ing
  25. God Giv­eth His Peo­ple Full Mea­sure
  26. God Loves You Still
  27. Grace I Need Is Guar­an­teed, The
  28. Hark, Ye Peo­ple
  29. Have Your Sins Been Washed Away?
  30. Holding on High the Ban­ner
  31. Holy Do You Yearn to Be?
  32. I Am Draw­ing Nigh
  33. I Am on My Pil­grim Way
  34. I Am Try­ing the Best I Can
  35. I Fol­low Where the Shep­herd
  36. I Have Fol­lowed Je­sus Close­ly
  37. I Have Found a Help Un­fail­ing
  38. I Have Found What I Want­ed
  39. I Love of My Sav­ior to Tell
  40. I Love to Think of Hea­ven
  41. I Re­joice to Serve the Lord
  42. I Was Trou­bled Once with Sin
  43. I Will Look for You There
  44. I Would La­bor So
  45. If Along the Way of Life
  46. If There Is Abun­dance of Joy in Your Heart
  47. If You Have the Grace of God With­in
  48. I’m Tran­quil­ly Rest­ing
  49. In My Heart There Is a Beau­ti­ful Light To­day
  50. Jesus Calls for Will­ing Help­ers
  51. Jesus Had His Vic­to­ry Won
  52. Jesus Has Cleansed My Heart
  53. Jesus Has Stopped My Feet
  54. Jesus Is My Strength, My Stay
  55. Jesus Is the One to Help Us on the Way
  56. Jesus Sa­tis­fies
  57. Jesus Shed His Pre­cious Blood
  58. Jesus Sweet­ly Calls to You
  59. Jesus Wants the Brave
  60. Joyful Songs I Now Will Raise
  61. Just to Be a Care­ful, Pa­tient Sow­er
  62. Let Me Lean on Thee
  63. Listen to the Mer­ry Chim­ing Bells
  64. Little Ones Hap­py Ones
  65. Long Ago Ma­ny Left Us
  66. Lord, This Ve­ry Hour, Send Thy Migh­ty Pow­er
  67. Marching on to Set Sin’s Cap­tive Free
  68. Marching on with Sing­ing
  69. Men Are Hun­gry for the Word
  70. Mother’s Voice Has Been Hushed
  71. No Li­cense Is the Thing We Need
  72. Movement New Is Sweep­ing, A
  73. Now From Sin I Am Set Free
  74. O Do Not Ask Me Back
  75. O Let Us Work with Un­bat­ing Zeal
  76. O My Com­rades, How Cheer­ing
  77. O the Joy That Ser­vice Brings
  78. O We In­tend This Woe to End
  79. On, on with Pur­pose Firm
  80. Open Your Heart, Let the Gos­pel Light In
  81. Our Ban­ner Glo­ri­ous Is Float­ing o’er Us
  82. Our Cause Is Dai­ly Gain­ing
  83. Overburdened with a Weight of Woe
  84. Peacefully, Gent­ly To­ward Hea­ven I Sail
  85. Proclaim to Each Na­tion
  86. Radiant with Joy the Gos­pel
  87. Reaper, the Call Rings
  88. Receive the Sal­va­tion Christ Of­fers
  89. Rest Not on Your Laur­els
  90. Right and Wrong Are Fight­ing
  91. Rouse Ye, Chris­tian Free­men
  92. Savior Is Ten­der­ly Call­ing, The
  93. Send the Hap­py Tid­ings
  94. Send Thy Spir­it, Lord
  95. Sin En­slaved Me
  96. Some Stars
  97. Something Do to Make the World
  98. Sowing, Sow­ing Seeds
  99. Sweet Gos­pel Bells Are Ring­ing
  100. Tasting the Joys
  101. That Old Gar­ment You Have Long Been Wear­ing
  102. The Time Is Near­ing for Our Ap­pear­ing
  103. There Are Hearts to Che­rish
  104. There Is Much That We Can Do
  105. There Is Need of Sol­diers
  106. There Is So Much We Can Be
  107. There’s a Bat­tle Great Now Rag­ing
  108. There’s a Home Be­yond All Toil
  109. There’s a Num­ber­less Throng
  110. There’s a Stream From the Mount of Cal­va­ry Flow­ing
  111. There’s No Bet­ter Place to Be
  112. This My Song Shall Be Through Eter­n­ity
  113. Though I Once Was Sad
  114. Though I Only May a Stan­dard
  115. Though the Stain of Sin De­filed
  116. Through All the Strug­gles That Come to Me Here
  117. To Those You Meet Along the Way
  118. Trying to Be More Like Je­sus
  119. Unto Thee I Look, O Sav­ior
  120. Up, Up, Up, the Pret­ty
  121. Upon the Al­tar Now I Lay
  122. Very Kind Shep­herd I Have, A
  123. Voice Up­rais­ing, Je­sus Prais­ing
  124. We Are Liv­ing Un­der God’s Pro­tect­ing Care
  125. We Are Stan­dard Bear­ers
  126. We Are Walk­ing in the Bright
  127. We Shall Greet One An­o­ther
  128. We Shall Hear Him Say, Well Done
  129. We Will Not Look Through a Dark­ened Glass
  130. We Will Reach That Bless­ed Ha­ven
  131. Welcome, Wel­come Hap­py
  132. We’ll Do Our Best and Ev­er Fight
  133. We’re a Migh­ty Val­iant Band
  134. What Match­less Love Be­yond Com­pare
  135. When I Gave My Heart to Je­sus
  136. When in the Midst of Life’s
  137. When Life with Its Plea­sure
  138. When the Bat­tle Here
  139. When the Foe Is Press­ing Near
  140. When the Trump Awakes
  141. Why Do You Won­der?
  142. You Ask Me Why I Serve the Lord
  1. Best Thing I Ev­er Did, The
  2. End Is Not Yet, The
  3. I Am Go­ing to Con­tin­ue
  4. In the Morn­ing We Shall See
  5. It Is Mine
  6. It Tru­ly Is Mar­vel­ous
  7. Jesus Sa­tis­fies
  8. Jesus Took the Bur­den Off
  9. Keep Tell­ing It
  10. Last Mile of the Way, The
  11. Let Je­sus Re­move It Today
  12. Lift Thy Face to the Light!
  13. Pyongyang
  14. Rapture In­deed!
  15. Tell It Wher­ev­er You Go
  16. When We Use Our Tal­ents
  17. You Ought to Know Him