May 16, 1881, New Bruns­wick, New Jer­sey.

Ap­ril 12, 1948, Man­hat­tan, New York.

Ken­si­co Ce­me­te­ry, Val­hal­la, New York.

Price grad­u­at­ed from Wes­ley­an Un­i­ver­si­ty (AB 1902), played the or­gan at the Con­gre­ga­tion­al Church in East Hamp­ton (then Cha­tham), Con­nec­ti­cut, and was an av­id lo­cal his­tor­i­an.

He wrote about 200 hymns in his life­time, and was a co-found­er of the Hymn So­ci­e­ty of Am­er­i­ca. From 1909 un­til re­tire­ment, he worked as an in­sur­ance bro­ker in New York Ci­ty.

His works in­clude:

  1. Harold
  2. Let the Christ That Is Liv­ing Reign ov­er All
  3. Morning Watch, The
  4. Washington

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