The whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain.@Romans 8:22
Theodore E. Perkins

Den­is Wort­man, 1892.

The­o­dore E. Per­kins (🔊 pdf nwc).

Denis Wortman

Father, when shall all the weary earth
Cease from sighing and ring out its mirth?
Triumph in its grand, immortal birth,
Into wondrous life with God.


Christ is coming as the King of kings;
Shout, ye ransomed, o’er the grace He brings;
Hark! the whole earth with the welcome rings,
Hallelujah, praise His name!

Savior, when shall my poor sinful soul
On Thee all its sins and sorrow roll?
Know Thy full salvation and be whole?
When, my Jesus, wilt Thou come?


Enter now upon Thy glorious reign!
Come and raise to life what sin hath slain!
O’er my heart and o’er the world regain
Thy dominion! Jesus, come!