Scripture Verse

Give thanks unto the Lord, call upon His name, make known His deeds among the people. 1 Chronicles 16:8


Susan H. Peterson (1950–2004)

Words: Su­san H. Pe­ter­son, 1999 (pub­lic do­main).

Music: Dia­de­ma­ta George J. El­vey, in Hymns An­cient and Mo­dern, 1868 (🔊 pdf nwc).

George J. Elvey (1816–1893)
National Portrait Gallery



Give thanks to God the Lord;
Upon His name now call.
Make known among the people on earth
What He has done for all.
Sing praise to Him, now sing;
His wondrous acts pro­claim.
Rejoice, all you who seek the Lord;
Come glo­ry in His name.

Look to the Lord’s great strength;
Remember all His deeds.
His judgments are in all the earth;
He is the Lord indeed.
His covenant e’er will stand;
His oath He’ll ne’er forget.
A thousand generations pass;
God’s word continues yet.

Sing to the Lord, all earth;
His saving power pro­claim.
Declare His glo­ry to every race;
His marvelous deeds now name.
For great is God the Lord,
Most worthy of all praise.
He made the heavens and the earth;
Fear Him and give Him praise.

Splendor and majesty
Before the Lord are found.
Both strength and joy with Him do dwell;
Bring offerings, come bow down.
Ascribe unto the Lord
The glo­ry due His name;
The splendor of His holiness
Now worship and pro­claim.

Let now the heav’ns rejoice;
Let earth give glad refrain.
The world is ’stablished, ne’er to be moved;
Tell everyone God reigns!
Now let the sea resound,
Be jubilant, all fields;
The forest trees will sing for joy;
Earth’s judge is now revealed.

Give thanks to God the Lord;
His goodness now declare.
He saves, delivers from the foe;
His love endures fore’er.
Give thanks unto His name
And glo­ry in His praise;
Praise to the God of Israel
For ev­er­last­ing days.