Scripture Verse

The Lord said unto my Lord, Sit Thou at My right hand, until I make Thine enemies Thy footstool. Psalm 110:1


Uzziah C. Burnap

Words: Is­aac Watts, The Psalms of Da­vid 1719. Christ’s king­dom and priest­hood.

Music: Ames­bu­ry Uz­zi­ah C. Bur­nap, 1895 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Isaac Watts


Jesus, our Lord, ascend Thy throne,
And near the Father sit;
In Zion shall Thy power be known,
And make Thy foes submit.

What wonders shall Thy Gospel do!
Thy converts shall surpass
The numerous drops of morning dew,
And own Thy sovereign grace.

God hath pronounced a firm decree,
Nor changes what He swore:
“Eternal shall Thy priesthood be,
When Adam is no more.

Melchizedek, that wondrous priest,
That king of high degree,
That holy man who Abraham blest
Was but a type of Thee.

Jesus our priest for ever lives
To plead for us above;
Jesus our king for ever gives
The blessings of His love.

God shall exalt His glorious head,
And His high throne maintain;
Shall strike the powers and princes dead
Who dare oppose His reign.